You Need To Be Listening To Wild Cub

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Any Wild Cub fan out there will tell you that their new album “Closer” has been a long time coming. Their first album Youth was widely accepted by indie rock/pop fans, but talking to lead singer and guitarist Keegan DeWitt, I learned that they initially weren’t so sure about their creative process. He says, “We made ‘Youth’ in our house, piecing together a studio, and for a while, we almost felt a little embarrassed about that. Like we weren’t doing it how to big kids do it.”

They Are whosah

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They are whosah, they wrote a song called “Make A Move”, and they want to play it for you. The men of whosah have a very focused and relatable slogan they live by: “We are a group of young men pursuing lives me love. Making friends and making music”. The Minneapolis five-piece band is a prime example of a DIY mentality in the current music scene. Self-managed, self-promoted, these guys are living their slogan out in the pursuit of their careers. As their tour continues on, we talk to the band. It is with pleasure we introduce to you, whosah.