It’s Been A Crazy Year For New Hope Club

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 New Hope Club has been working hard. They just released “Crazy” and we’ve been obsessing over the 70s themed music video. They have the approval of Sabrina Carpenter and The Vamps and are currently on their headlining tour making their way across the country. We chatted with them about new music and what they have to say to their fans.

Meet Your Latest Hip Hop Obsession, Minus Gravity

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I first heard “Options” on my Spotify Discover playlist and I knew the trio known as MInus Gravity had something unique and magnetic about them. I got to speak with the group about their upcoming EP and their dynamic personalities are just as exciting as their single. Check out “Options” today and start anticipating their upcoming EP because I know I am!

New Music Alert: Lemaitre

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Lemaitre is comprised of Norwegian duo Ketil Jansen and Urik Denizou. Their latest, “Big” is following “Rocket Girl” with a Betty Who feature and if you know anything about me, you know I love Betty. Ketil says, “We were all on a Beatles vibe that day and wanted to try something that kind of sounded like that, but also sounded electronic and fresh. There are a lot of weird, out-of-tune sounds in the song, but big electronic drums playing the backbeat. For the outro, we played our own brass instruments (we can’t really play), to get a fun vibe going.