Hey Violet’s Concert Was An Electric Pink Hazy Dream

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I remember leaving 5 Seconds of Summer’s Sounds Live Feels Live tour last summer and telling my friends Hey Violet was on the brink of success. So would you believe that just eight months later I was hearing them perform sold-out show? When I saw the group, they were a four piece but now with newest bandmate, Ian Shipp, they’re on their first U.S. headlining tour and made a little stop in Dallas, Texas where they performed at the Cambridge Room in the House of Blues.

Why Lorde Is So Important

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I’m constantly reminded of Lorde’s break onto the music scene. Her anthem “Royals” was catchy and beautiful in it’s simplicity, but more than that it emphasized something that is so rare in music. The song is about the lack of wealth and more importantly, the lack of even the desire for wealth. The only songs that sell are songs about love and partying, but here was Lorde parading the opposite. Even her appearance, her wild hair and dramatic facial features are the opposite of the hoards of blonde models that dominate the pop charts. Lorde was the weird girl at your high school that should never have been famous.

Bridgit Mendler’s Departure From Pop

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I remember watching each episode of Good Luck Charlie and freaking out when the star, Bridgit Mendler, came out with her first single, “Ready or Not.” This was a bop from the start and if you’re also a 20-something who grew up watching Disney Channel, chances are you’ve seen and heard Mendler’s talent firsthand. However, the indie pop singer has made quite a departure from her Disney days. Recently, I got to catch up with her and discuss the new sound and upcoming tour.

We Talk With COIN To Make Cents Of Their Upcoming Year

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COIN is an indie pop band that formed in 2012 at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn. Band members Chase Lawrence, synth and vocals, Joe Memmel, guitar and vocals, Ryan Winnen, drums, and Zachary Dyke, bass, make up the quartet. COIN released their first self-titled album back in 2015, with the song “Run” as a breakaway hit. With their recent hit release “Talk Too Much” charting and even holding down the #1 spot on Alt-Nation for some time, COIN is poised for a huge 2017. I talked with lead singer Chase Lawrence about the things to come, upcoming shows, and the new album.

Erik Hassle’s Innocence Lost

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My first experience with Swedish pop singer/songwriter Erik Hassle came (ironically) with my first heartbreak. His debut album, Hassle, came with the single “Hurtful” and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t blast to that for months. Let’s fast forward seven years later, and I was able to catch up with the Swedish pop singer-songwriter and discuss his new album, Innocence Lost.