How To Dress Like Lana Del Rey

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With summer approaching I can’t help think about dressing like Lana Del Rey, her flower crowns and crop tops are not only festival staples but essential summer gear for any fangirl.

Crop top and shorts are Lana’s basic uniform. I liked these white platform sneakers. Maybe you can’t find some nice Chanel earrings but any large gold earrings will work out, a classic gold chain and a BAD ring complete your gangsta Nancy Sinatra vibes.

No Lana outfit inspiration would be complete without some kind of flower crown. I loved her “Born To Die” video. This two-piece white dress is a little more subtle than a white gown. Pair with platform heels, red lips, and red nails.

Put your little red party dress on, like this one that Lana wore at her Hollywood Forever performance. This is by far my favorite eyeliner for cat-eyes, and some heeled sandals.

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