How To Dress Like Sabrina Carpenter

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When I found out Sabrina Carpenter's new video was Legally Blonde themed I lost it. I'm so old I saw the movie in theaters, Elle Woods is iconic. I think Sabrina really nailed the vibe in a cool, modern way.

This outfit is just amazing. I put a warmer coat option because it's kinda cold out right now okay? Pair with a white crop top and some embellished jeans which my 2000's self is beyond excited to see coming back in style. Some hot pink boots and that clear bag and you're set.

I dream of my swim outfits looking this glam. Seriously this bikini is so cute. Add a fur jacket because WHY NOT!? Some lucite earrings and a furry scrunchie. Just get your friends to film you being all cute in some pool and make your exes jealous.

Ugh we love a powersuit. This hot pink jacket and pants are from ASOS is on sale but I found so many. INVEST IN A PINK SUIT. I wear mine way more than I thought I would. I found this velvet bodysuit because man that gorgeous knit one she's wearing is a tough one to find but I love a pink-on-pink vibe. Pair with glitter heels and go to court.

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