Plastic Picnic At The Hi Hat

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Plastic Picnic has been hyped up to me since SXSW. They were on everyone’s list after the week of madness and yet I missed them. Incredibly upsetting, but I was thrilled to catch them at the Hi-Hat in Los Angeles where I finally got to dance along to their unassumingly emotional lyrics.

Openers Laureline and GV Grace the tone was set for some dreamy songs. Plastic Picnic reminds me of the pure indie bands of my high school days, before the term was hijacked by record labels and overused by blogs.

The band is comprised of Emile Panerio (vocals, guitar, synth), Lincoln Lute (guitar, synth), Marshall Hunt (bass and synth) and Gordon Taylor (drums). They’ve been making stops all over the west coast and will be heading back to their home-base of Brooklyn soon for another show.

The tour has been a good feeler for them while they’re working on a new project.  

Emile says, “We’re writing a new record. The older you get the more self conscious you get of your art and it’s validating to see people appreciate it and it makes us excited to create more. It’s kind of like research between album cycles.”

The band cascaded through their sparkling songs. “Bite” is always a crowd pleaser. I can’t emphasize enough how many people were actually moving and dancing. A rare sight at smaller shows. A rare sight at any show. Everyone was just having so much fun.

The band is still in the phase of turning this into a full time gig. Something we can all relate to, how to turn our passion into a living.

Lincoln said the biggest challenge has been finding time to balance their art on top of their responsibility. He said, “You have to play every single role as far as marketing, and booking tours and making and promoting the music. Finding that time after you’ve worked all day can be difficult.”

Emile adds, “You want to take the inspiration through the day and put it into music but finding the lack of resources like time and money can be hard. This is what we’re passionate about but we have to work and pay rent and make a living.”

The played some new tracks off their upcoming project including their recent release “Doubt” and you can tell the crowd is hyped. The indie-pop darlings ended by pulling the audience up on stage to dance in a magical ending.

Emile tells us to stay tuned for new music. He said, “We’re in a  good and scary spot where we’re in the middle of writing and we have a lot of songs almost done. There will be more music in the spring and more shows.”

Catch them on tour and check them out on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated.

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