New Music Alert: Zach Mackey’s “Just Boy Things”

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Zach Mackey’s EP, Just Boy Things, is incredibly good and I am so excited we get to premiere it for y’all. Zach tells me the EP is about the fact that "love isn't always easy." He continues, "Nor is it always kind. It requires the work of two people to make it function, individually, to make the bigger picture visible and valuable. It's the choice to make love easier and kinder that makes love worth it in the end; the recognition that love is always going to be bigger than yourself when you're trying to give it to others."

The one thing he wants his listeners to take away from the EP is this: Be open. Be transparent. Be honest. But only be those things when it's right for you. This EP was my opportunity to finally speak freely about who I am and what I have been through since allowing that of myself. There's power in identifying the toxicity and then removing it, and allowing it to hurt. Embrace the pain it caused. There's a reason we call it a "broken heart." We have to give it time to heal.

"Over the past few years, I've learned that love doesn't play games with you- people do. Take the opportunity away from them to control even an ounce of your joy. Stand up for yourself. Respect yourself. Be good to yourself. That's love at the end of the day."

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