Artist To Watch: powfu

November 22, 2023Meet Powfu, the down-to-earth lo-fi hip-hop artist whose journey from the viral success of "death bed (coffee for your head)" to his latest collaboration with The Chainsmokers continues to leave an indelible mark on the...READ MORE

Artist You Need To Know: Casey Baer

August 16, 2023Is your ex still taking up free residence in your brain? Is your post-breakup ache still lingering? Then you may unwittingly be familiar with the term “post traumatic ex disorder”, as coined by singer/songwriter Casey Baer. LA-based...READ MORE

Artist You Need To Know: INJI

June 1, 2023INJI is literally taking over the music world right now, her music has been so inescapable and it's just brimming with this unmatched energy that I can't get enough of. Her writing is so clever...READ MORE

Artist To Watch: Maggie Cubillos

August 10, 2023Maggie Cubillos has the sweetest voice, and her music is filled with the kind of raw vulnerability that you can't help. but fall for. Her new song "Slow Motion" details a lengthy healing process and...READ MORE

Getting To Know Rising Artist Zevia

August 8, 2023If you haven’t heard of up-and-coming singer/songwriter Zevia, then here’s what you need to know – she writes gut-wrenching, introspective lyrics that delve into a variety of vulnerable topics – everything from heartache to mental...READ MORE

Morgan Reese: Empress Of Mars

July 26, 2023Morgan Reese blends genres so effortlessly, her music feels like it transports you to another world. Everything is so detailed. Her album , Empress Of Mars, is inspired by her eclectic taste and carries a...READ MORE

Artist You Need To Know: Khloe Rose

July 18, 2023If you tend to spend your evenings curled up on the couch and scrolling tirelessly through TikTok (as we all do, naturally), then I've got a sneaking suspicion you've already come across this next artist....READ MORE

Zolita Is Taking The High Road

June 29, 2023Zolita has been making waves in the music world with her shimmery melodies and authentic lyrics, not to mention her gorgeous visuals. We caught up with her off her tour with Bebe Rexha, getting darker...READ MORE

Artist You Need To Know: Girl Scout

June 23, 2023The Swedish band Girl Scout is so energetic, both on and off the stage. We met with them after one of their showcases and chatted about the crowds, their love of Austin tacos, and more!...READ MORE

Artist You Need To Know: Foley

April 3, 2023Ash and Gabe make up the Australian pop duo Foley, and if you haven't listened to their music, you absolutely have to now. Think Chvrches meets Charli XCX but add Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Emotion' in...READ MORE

Skott Is Poised For A Takeover

March 30, 2023Skott’s latest release, her highly anticipated sophomore album “Roses N Guns” is just as, if not more, captivating than her previous releases.  The Swedish singer/songwriter has been making huge waves in the industry. We were...READ MORE

LAYZI Is A Name You Need To Know

April 5, 2023Is there any better genre to listen to than soft, indie girl pop? The answer is obviously no. Within 30 seconds of listening to Layzi’s music on the SXSW playlist, I knew I had to...READ MORE

Artist To Watch: Skyler Cocco

August 25, 2022Skyler Cocco's shimmering melodies have been on loop since I first saw her on TikTok. Her new song "Stranger" feels so dreamy and ethereal, it transports you to another world. I talked to her about...READ MORE

Carole Ades Welcomes You To Sadtown USA

August 23, 2022After years of flexing her songwriting muscle in Los Angeles and finding her niche as an artist, Carol Ades is bulldozing her own path within the music industry.  The New Jersey-born singer/songwriter is currently on...READ MORE