Adam French Is One To Watch

December 18, 2018Adam French has been making waves in the music world.  His latest "Wanna Be Here" has a truly poetic backstory and the video is stunning. We talked to him about how he got his start...READ MORE

Premiere: Cloe’s “Last Christmas”

December 18, 2018Cloe has the prettiest voice and we love her take on the class "Last Christmas" we talked to her about the song and what she has planned for next year.

Jenna Kyle’s “Paths” Video Is So Gorgeous

December 14, 2018Jenna Kyle is one of our favorite up-and-comers. She just dropped her music video for "Paths" and it's so gorgeous. The video was directed by Rachel Kessler and has movement direction from Elena Vazintaris.

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Mason Ashley Is More Vulnerable Than Ever

December 3, 2018Mason Ashley is one of our favorite up-and-coming artists. Her voice is so angelic but it's her emotional honesty that really shines through. We talked to her about new music, being vulnerable, and staying true...READ MORE

Brooke Moriber Is Moving On From The Past

November 5, 2018From Broadway to the music industry, Brooke Moriber’s “clarion voice” continues to astound with her new music video for “The Last Goodbye.” With her signature powerhouse vocals, she writes on “finding the strength it takes...READ MORE

New Music Alert: Lemaitre

September 20, 2018Lemaitre is comprised of Norwegian duo Ketil Jansen and Urik Denizou. Their latest, “Big” is following “Rocket Girl” with a Betty Who feature and if you know anything about me, you know I love Betty....READ MORE

Mariel Darling Encourages You To Be Yourself

September 19, 2018Performing and recording since she was nine, and becoming a Crowned Muser, Mariel Darling is no stranger to the music industry. With her new single, “No Mirrors”, Mariel aims to show her audience that...READ MORE

Cutting Through The Fear With CUTT

September 18, 2018Hannah Cutt, aka CUTT, has had a whirlwind of a career. She started out acting but made a drastic change when she turned her poems into music. Her latest song "Messy" is on the surface...READ MORE

Elijah Noll Is Learning To Let Go

September 17, 2018Elijah Noll is fresh off the release of his gorgeous video for “Poison” and he’s about to head out on tour. We chatted with him about what has been inspiring him lately.

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