CHIANNE Is On A Mission

November 14, 2019CHIANNE has lived all over the world, and she's lived many lives: fashion designer, Reiki practitioner, and wedding planner, but she always knew she was supposed to be an artist. Her "conscious pop" is meant...READ MORE

RØYLS Are Taking Over

November 5, 2019The band RØYLS recently came out with their new EP “I Think Too Much” in August and we’re loving it. This EP is a a total vibe, and we are feeling their distinctive alt-pop sound....READ MORE

KITTEN Is On Pluto Being Emo

November 6, 2019I don’t think anyone else is doing what KITTEN is doing. The band as a whole has transformed into full form with their latest EP “Goodbye Honeymoon Phase.” It’s the early aughts twisted with punk...READ MORE

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Get To Know Remy Garrison

October 17, 2019Remy Garrison is just getting started, her song "Sorta Kinda Maybe" is so sweet and her voice is just amazing. We can't wait to see where she's headed. We talked to the up-and-coming songstress about...READ MORE

IRIS Is Seeing Stars

September 17, 2019IRIS first caught our attention with her mesmerizing song "Crazy" her mellifluous voice and haunting melodies are captivating. Now, her song "Stars" follows that same theme: dreamy and bewitching. Tell me about the new song?...READ MORE

Lucy & La Mer: We All Shine

September 6, 2019Once I was at a show where Lucy & La Mer made random people slow dance in an awkward way to resemble a middle-school dance, we all changed partners making new friends and it was...READ MORE

Soaky Siren Is Unstoppable

September 5, 2019Soaky Siren is a force to be reckoned with, after cutting her teeth writing for other artists and making her way in the music industry, she's developed a uniquely fierce style. Her new song "Dope...READ MORE

Cutting Through The Fear With CUTT

September 18, 2018Hannah Cutt, aka CUTT, has had a whirlwind of a career. She started out acting but made a drastic change when she turned her poems into music. Her latest song "Messy" is on the surface...READ MORE

New Music Alert: KAYTA’s “TY”

June 26, 2019KATYA just dropped her new song "TY" and we can't get enough of it. She effortlessly blends hip-hop and R&B with a sound that is truly hers. Her vulnerable and honest lyrics are the standout...READ MORE

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