Planning For Float Fest

July 16, 2018In less than two weeks it will time for another summer festival - Float Fest! If you somehow aren’t familiar with Float Fest, it occurs every summer in the lovely city of San Marcos, Tx,...READ MORE

Marc Scibilia Scores Opening Slot for Maroon 5

July 20, 2018The upcoming newbo evolve (yes, all lowercase!) festival will take place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa August 3-5 and celebrate fashion, technology and creativity through a variety of sessions, performances and more. The latest addition to...READ MORE

New Music Alert: MINKE – Maybe 25

July 20, 2018MINKE’S “Maybe 25” dropped today and if this single sets the tone for her debut EP out later this year, I am ecstatic. She wrote this single on the struggles of modern dating, but specifically...READ MORE

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bulow Is Unstoppable

June 26, 2018bulow is unstoppable, her song "Not A Love Song" was placed on literally every major Spotify playlist. Her songs are catchy, relatable and unique. She's truly the future of pop music. We talked to her...READ MORE

You Need To Listen To Rotana

June 26, 2018Rotana is courageous as she is talented. Her music takes us into her own personal journey of exploration of religion, sexuality, national identity and more. I loved getting to know this songstress and I cannot...READ MORE

Nova Miller Is In A State Of Yellow

June 19, 2018Nova Miller is a Swedish teen indie-pop singer/songwriter who’s bound to create some color in your life. Her debut EP, “Yellow” is already taking over the charts and Miller’s here to prove she’s going to...READ MORE

Catching Up With Mobley At Hangout Fest

June 4, 2018When our editor here at the New Nine told me to check out Mobley at Hangout Fest, I said “Mobley Who?” Mobley, an Austin-based one-man show, just came out with “Fresh Lies, Vol. I,” an...READ MORE

New Music Alert: FLAVIA’s Hateful

June 1, 2018We fell in love with FLAVIA's new song "Hateful" there's this dark sound to it, but it's undeniably catchy. It tackles the important issue of bullying, she's not afraid to shy away from a tough...READ MORE

Kitten Just Keeps Getting Better

June 1, 2018It would be difficult for me to find a band I’m more emotional about than KITTEN. When I first saw them at SXSW two years ago I became addicted.I’ve never seen a lead singer like...READ MORE

Spencer Ludwig And His Trumpet

July 16, 2018Spencer Ludwig definitely has a unique sound, and that gets tossed around a lot, but how many pop artists do you know can bust out a trumpet during their performance?

New Music Alert: ELA Lindsey

May 31, 2018ELA Lindsey’s pop synths and smooth voice blend together to make an amazing combination. The Nashville-based artist is popping up on everyone’s radar and for good reason. At 29, she’s proof there’s never a wrong...READ MORE

Brasko Will Be Your New Obsession

March 30, 2018I was instantly hooked on Brasko when I first heard his song “Static” I love some Prince vibes in my music. His new song "TMYLM" is insanely catchy and he has this glam rock androgynous...READ MORE

The CLOVES Album Will Be Worth The Wait

March 29, 2018CLOVES has one of the most haunting voices I have ever heard in my life. In 2015 she released the dramatic song “Don’t Forget About Me,” and since then I’ve had a serious addiction. The...READ MORE

GHITA Is The Brand New Artist To Watch

May 30, 2018Ghita (pronounced like "Rita) was raised all over the world. She spent time in Spain, Morocco, and Switzerland and that multi-cultural upbringing comes through in her music. Her song "Brand New" features her effortless voice...READ MORE

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