Artist On The Rise: Lily Forte

November 22, 2022Lily Forte is a master of writing songs that feel so relatable. Her new song “Bottle Blondes” is a different take on the idea of changing yourself, it’s a statement on remaining true to who...READ MORE

Big Wild Is A Name You Need To Know

October 20, 2022If you know anything about Big Wild, you know he loves nature and incorporating his musical passions into it. Catching up with the artist backstage at Austin City Limits was nothing short of refreshing. He...READ MORE

Phoebe Bridgers: A Night At The Greek

October 24, 2021It was a cold night at The Greek when Phoebe made her homecoming. The Aries moon loomed over the audience decked out with skeleton t-shirts and doc martens. Charlie Hickey opened the show and even...READ MORE

Moontower: We Are All On Our Own Timelines

May 23, 2022Moontower’s new song “State of Mind” perfectly intertwines a sunshiney melody with thoughtful lyrics that have this incredible depth. We caught up with Moontower to talk about their new music and how they’re building a...READ MORE

New Rules Makes New York City Debut

June 21, 2022If you’ve ever gotten butterflies from seeing a band live, then you’ll understand exactly what it was like to see New Rules perform. Mercury Lounge in New York City became fans’ home for a day...READ MORE

Liv Slingerland Is A Name You Need To Know

June 15, 2022I can’t remember the first time I saw Liv Slingerland perform but I know I’ve seen her name countless times. She’s toured with everyone from Olivia Rodrigo to Halsey but now she’s getting ready to...READ MORE

Artist To Watch: Chloe Berry On Unbecoming

June 7, 2022Chloe Berry’s song “Unbecoming” first caught my attention on TikTok, it just has so much emotion and I feel like the song tackles a subject we don’t hear enough about, nostalgia for your past self....READ MORE

Eraste Takes On The Lead Role

July 8, 2022I first came across Eraste on TikTok and was immediately hooked by her delicate voice and the vulnerability in her songwriting. We quickly bonded over growing up in small towns in Texas and it’s been...READ MORE

JAWNY And The Story Of Hugo

July 15, 2021Jacob Lee-Nicholas Sullenger, also known as JAWNY released his latest project, Hugo this week. If you think he sounds familiar, but can’t put your finger on it, it’s probably because you’ve been blasting his hit...READ MORE

YDE Is The Next Big Thing

January 21, 2021I feel like I have a knack for predicting the next big thing, and I know YDE is absolutely it. She’s absolutely fearless with her music. Her new song “Blindlife” is the perfect sum-up of...READ MORE

You Need To Know Silver Sphere

December 18, 2020Sophie Cates, who you might know as Silver Sphere is releasing her second EP this fall. Her upbeat pop sound is unique and addicting. It was great getting to know the reason behind her stage...READ MORE

Hailey Haus: Flavor Of The Month

July 12, 2022Hailey Haus is probably a name and a face you’ve seen on your ‘for you page.’ Her single “Flavor of the Month” is making waves, and getting to talk to her about this track was...READ MORE

Taylor Castro Wants You To Breathe

January 19, 2021Taylor Castro’s dreamy vocals, with the pulsating beats and ethereal melodies, make “Breathe” unforgettable. She’s definitely an artist to watch, this song will get stuck in your head and has a really important message: don’t...READ MORE