Gabriella Stella On Bad Love

February 25, 2021Gabriella Stella has her sound down, her intoxicating voice and dynamic melodies make her one to watch. Her song “Bad Love” is absolutely addicting, exploring that kind of love you shouldn’t want but you can’t...READ MORE

Framing Britney Spears: Key Takeaways

February 9, 2021The Framing Britney Spears documentary on Hulu shows how vulnerable young women are in the music industry. Britney went from being the biggest pop star in the world to being trapped in a highly problematic...READ MORE

Natalie Shay On NAKED And Finding Her Voice

December 16, 2020If you haven’t already added singer-songwriter Natalie Shay to your latest Spotify playlist, it is imperative you do so now. Shay recently released her five-track EP, NAKED, as well as an accompanying music video for...READ MORE

ILON: Music On Her Own Terms

December 21, 2020At just the age of 22, ILON’s collaborated with artists like FINNEAS and JC Stewart. Hailing from Finland, she’s received radio play in not only her home country but here in the United States. Her...READ MORE

YDE Is The Next Big Thing

January 21, 2021I feel like I have a knack for predicting the next big thing, and I know YDE is absolutely it. She’s absolutely fearless with her music. Her new song “Blindlife” is the perfect sum-up of...READ MORE

You Need To Know Silver Sphere

December 18, 2020Sophie Cates, who you might know as Silver Sphere is releasing her second EP this fall. Her upbeat pop sound is unique and addicting. It was great getting to know the reason behind her stage...READ MORE

ZIKAI’s Realness Is So Needed Right Now

November 3, 2020ZIKAI sings about what every twenty something relates to and it’s probably because she’s only twenty-two years old herself. Getting to speak with her was so real and raw and all of this comes through...READ MORE

Taylor Castro Wants You To Breathe

January 19, 2021Taylor Castro’s dreamy vocals, with the pulsating beats and ethereal melodies, make “Breathe” unforgettable. She’s definitely an artist to watch, this song will get stuck in your head and has a really important message: don’t...READ MORE