New Music Sunday: May 31 2020

May 31, 2020I can't get enough of this song. Nova Miller effortlessly blends pop with vintage vibes and it's just insanely catchy. Her voice is like nothing else and she has a knack for hooks. "Mi Amor...READ MORE

Leah Kate Has A Bad Idea

May 22, 2020Leah Kate is exactly the kind of pop artist we need right now. She balances her IDGAF attitude with this vulnerability that we can all relate to. We talked to her about her new song...READ MORE

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MAETA Is Just Too Good

May 15, 2020MAETA's sultry voice and undeniable confidence radiates through her music. Her latest EP tells the story of a relationship and each song has a correlating video. We talked to her about what's been inspiring her...READ MORE

Eulene On Sleeping With A Ghost

May 21, 2020Co-written and produced by Grammy Award-winner Angelo Petraglia (Kings of Leon, Taylor Swift), Eulene's haunting new single, "Sleeping with a Ghost," marks the third cut from the Nashville-based singer-songwriter's forthcoming debut album, due out this...READ MORE

New Music Alert: Jay Ratinoff’s “Fire”

February 26, 2020Jay Ratinoff’s “Fire” video is the perfect blend of sultry and sexy. The bilingual track showcases being in the moment. This video is sure to get you feeling very spicy, if we’re being honest. "'Fire'...READ MORE

Annette Lee: A Song For The Underdog

February 26, 2020There's nothing Annette Lee can't do, the Internet sensation is known for her videos but now her musical ambitions are brought to life through her new song and the brilliant series surrounding it. We talked...READ MORE

Track-By-Track: EDEN’s no future

February 25, 2020I don’t know what you did on Valentine’s Day, but I spent my entire day listening to  EDEN’s debut album. After a few days of letting each track set in, I was able to piece...READ MORE

CALM: Track-By-Track

March 28, 2020I could go on and ON about 5 Second of Summer’s musical journey. Watching the band transform from their “Try Hard” days to their latest, “Wildflower” has been fascinating and exhilarating. I seriously feel like...READ MORE

HARLOE: The Art Of Losing

March 27, 2020HARLOE has a knack for choruses that you can’t get out of your head. Her shimmering songs are just so effervescent but somehow also haunting. Her voice is so mesmerizing, it sticks with you. Each...READ MORE

All Around On The Carrousel

March 31, 2020With all of the craziness going on in the world, it seems like a great time for an introduction for new music. Pop duo Carrousel dropped their EP last month and it’s been the perfect...READ MORE

Nova Miller Is A Total Rockstar

November 27, 2019Nova Miller is a total rockstar, she arrived on the stage for LA’s infamous GeoMetro Party clad in pink velvet with her long platinum blonde hair flowing over her shoulders. After some light guitar-shredding, she...READ MORE

Niki Black’s Enchanting Dark Pop

February 6, 2020Los Angeles-based artist, Niki Black, is preparing for the release of her forthcoming album LILITH, which will strike a considerable chord for women with its overarching themes of empowerment. Niki’s spell-binding blend of music represents...READ MORE

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