New Music Sunday: August 2 2020

August 2, 2020Dai Burger is killing it right now, her new EP is so powerful and honestly just makes you feel like a badass. She’s completely fearless in her delivery and is definitely staking out her claim...READ MORE

folklore: Track By Track

July 24, 2020I don’t think I will ever forgive myself for drifting off to sleep for about forty-five minutes this morning. I woke up again to six tagged tweets, three missed phone calls and about ten text...READ MORE

Hania Shows Summertime Self-Care on “Hollywood”

July 10, 2020Hania’s latest single “Hollywood” is realism and heartbreak disguised in a whimsical summertime ballad. While the lyrics describe one couple’s decision to focus on individual growth instead of a relationship, the melody creates a glamorous...READ MORE

Jamie Hannah Believes In Magic

July 2, 2020Jamie Hannah has the most ethereal sound, it’s just so dreamy and light. His song “Magic” is about manifesting positive thinking and it’s exactly what we need right now. It’s something he shared with his...READ MORE

Viral Sensation Surf Mesa

May 28, 2020If you’re like me and joined TikTok during this time of self-isolation, you’ve probably heard the clip “ily (i love you baby)” that many users have used. Aside from TikTok fame, Surf Mesa has a...READ MORE

CALM: Track-By-Track

March 28, 2020I could go on and ON about 5 Second of Summer’s musical journey. Watching the band transform from their “Try Hard” days to their latest, “Wildflower” has been fascinating and exhilarating. I seriously feel like...READ MORE

HARLOE: The Art Of Losing

March 27, 2020HARLOE has a knack for choruses that you can’t get out of your head. Her shimmering songs are just so effervescent but somehow also haunting. Her voice is so mesmerizing, it sticks with you. Each...READ MORE

All Around On The Carrousel

March 31, 2020With all of the craziness going on in the world, it seems like a great time for an introduction for new music. Pop duo Carrousel dropped their EP last month and it’s been the perfect...READ MORE

Nova Miller Is A Total Rockstar

November 27, 2019Nova Miller is a total rockstar, she arrived on the stage for LA’s infamous GeoMetro Party clad in pink velvet with her long platinum blonde hair flowing over her shoulders. After some light guitar-shredding, she...READ MORE

Niki Black’s Enchanting Dark Pop

February 6, 2020Los Angeles-based artist, Niki Black, is preparing for the release of her forthcoming album LILITH, which will strike a considerable chord for women with its overarching themes of empowerment. Niki’s spell-binding blend of music represents...READ MORE

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