Lula Miranda On Cherry Kiss

January 10, 2019Lula Miranda's song "Cherry Kiss" really hits hard emotionally, her poetic lyrics talk about strong connections and bonds that take over. We talked to the artist about her gorgeous music and her plans for the...READ MORE

Katey Brooks On Cults and Coming-Out

January 8, 2019Katey Brooks has a dreamy voice and it’s clear that she feels every word she sings, the best artists write from experience and it’s a rare artist that has experience like Katey. She grew up...READ MORE

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Video Premiere: Shye’s “Wither”

December 14, 2018Just when I thought I was going to get through 2018 without another obsession over a pop artist, shye came along. His song “Wither” really resonated with me and I’ve had it on loop for...READ MORE

You Need To Listen To Go Fever

December 13, 2018Acey Moreno has a strong personality, which is one of my favorite things about her, she’s gravitating. I first saw Go Fever when they were doing a full No Doubt cover set and I was...READ MORE

RUUMER Is The Sister Pop Duo To Watch

December 11, 2018RUUMER, the dynamic sister duo with sparkling pop sounds is just off the release of their song "Gimme Some" and they're definitely not stopping. I talked to them about Catholic school, staying motivated, and what's...READ MORE

Power Duo PUSHER and Caroline Kole

December 11, 2018Caroline Kole teams up with PUSHER to drop upbeat synth single, “BTDT.” The track is powerful and motivating for moving forward and moving on. I was super excited to talk to both Caroline and PUSHER...READ MORE

New Music Alert: Lemaitre

September 20, 2018Lemaitre is comprised of Norwegian duo Ketil Jansen and Urik Denizou. Their latest, “Big” is following “Rocket Girl” with a Betty Who feature and if you know anything about me, you know I love Betty....READ MORE

Mariel Darling Encourages You To Be Yourself

September 19, 2018Performing and recording since she was nine, and becoming a Crowned Muser, Mariel Darling is no stranger to the music industry. With her new single, “No Mirrors”, Mariel aims to show her audience that...READ MORE

Cutting Through The Fear With CUTT

September 18, 2018Hannah Cutt, aka CUTT, has had a whirlwind of a career. She started out acting but made a drastic change when she turned her poems into music. Her latest song "Messy" is on the surface...READ MORE

Elijah Noll Is Learning To Let Go

September 17, 2018Elijah Noll is fresh off the release of his gorgeous video for “Poison” and he’s about to head out on tour. We chatted with him about what has been inspiring him lately.

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