Cloe Wilder: Call Me If You Need Me

November 10, 2020At such a young age, Chloe is extremely sure of herself and her lyrics show it. Hailing from Clearwater, Florida and making her way to Los Angeles, California, she’s created an indie-pop sound all her...READ MORE

TALIA: Capturing A Feeling

November 5, 2020TALIA is known for her ability to capture an exact feeling and it feels so effortless. Her song “colder” is one of my favorites this year, it’s so dreamy and cosmic but vulnerable at the...READ MORE

LostBoy Is A Name You Should Know

November 5, 2020LostBoy is a producer that probably isn’t actively singing on your playlists, but he is a huge factor behind some of your favorite tracks. These include Kehlani and Zedd’s “Good Thing” and Dua Lipa’s “Swan...READ MORE

Sam Valdez Makes Dreamy Music For Moving On

August 7, 2020Sam Valdez has the dreamiest music that just transports you, it’s perfect for long drives and thinking about your past. It’s the perfect dose of nostalgia. Her new song is perfect for getting over your ex...READ MORE

New Music Alert: Sedona’s “Soft Machine”

August 6, 2020It’s been almost a year since I first interviewed Rachel Stewart of Sedona in her Bushwick apartment and we clicked immediately. Stewart is the lead singer and creative force behind the Brooklyn-based band. She found...READ MORE

Jamie Hannah Believes In Magic

July 2, 2020Jamie Hannah has the most ethereal sound, it’s just so dreamy and light. His song “Magic” is about manifesting positive thinking and it’s exactly what we need right now. It’s something he shared with his...READ MORE

The Sparkling Sounds Of Olivia Lunny

July 28, 2020Olivia Lunny is definitely an artist to keep your eye on. Each of her new songs shows a different facet to her unique sound. She has the sweetest voice and a knack for catchy choruses....READ MORE

Joy Kate Isn’t Settling For Anything

September 29, 2020Joy Kate has a honey-soaked voice that carries over her synthy pop sounds and her authenticity really shines through. You can tell she really knows exactly what her audience needs to hear and it all...READ MORE

Anna Brings Absolute Honesty Into Her Music

September 24, 2020Anna is candidly honest, open, and completely vulnerable. Her single, “London Knows” talks about her personal experience with sexual assault and it tells a story from start to finish. Her latest, “Good Days, Bad Days”...READ MORE

ZIKAI’s Realness Is So Needed Right Now

November 3, 2020ZIKAI sings about what every twenty something relates to and it’s probably because she’s only twenty-two years old herself. Getting to speak with her was so real and raw and all of this comes through...READ MORE

Another Side Of KIIARA

November 2, 2020Kiiara took the music soundwaves by storm when she released, “Gold” and she’s grown and created addictive tracks since then. She teased Lil Kiiwi earlier this summer with her single, “I Still Do” and I...READ MORE

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