• Courtney Paige Nelson Had To Save Herself

    November 24, 2020Courtney Paige Nelson’s dark pop sound and haunting vocals are such a vibe, and her music has a purpose. “Saved Myself” is an empowering track about taking responsibility for your mental health and ultimately being...READ MORE
  • BLÜ EYES Knows It’s Just Life

    November 13, 2020BLÜ EYES has a cosmic, ethereal vibe and her gentle voice and synthy tracks combine in such a beautiful way. Her song “Just Life” is a series of revelations made by the young artist over...READ MORE
  • Amy Macdonald: The Human Demands

    November 12, 2020Amy Macdonald is an artist in her own lane. You won’t find another female rocker with her same sound – and in the best way. She’s paved her own lane, and her album is officially...READ MORE
  • Juliette Reilly Is Married To The Grind

    November 11, 2020I love the concept behind Juliette Reilly’s new song “Married.” I turned 29 this year and I’ve noticed almost all of my friends settling down in their lives. The music industry is a tough bitch...READ MORE
  • Cloe Wilder: Call Me If You Need Me

    November 10, 2020At such a young age, Chloe is extremely sure of herself and her lyrics show it. Hailing from Clearwater, Florida and making her way to Los Angeles, California, she’s created an indie-pop sound all her...READ MORE
  • LostBoy Is A Name You Should Know

    November 5, 2020LostBoy is a producer that probably isn’t actively singing on your playlists, but he is a huge factor behind some of your favorite tracks. These include Kehlani and Zedd’s “Good Thing” and Dua Lipa’s “Swan...READ MORE
  • ZIKAI’s Realness Is So Needed Right Now

    November 3, 2020ZIKAI sings about what every twenty something relates to and it’s probably because she’s only twenty-two years old herself. Getting to speak with her was so real and raw and all of this comes through...READ MORE
  • Another Side Of KIIARA

    November 2, 2020Kiiara took the music soundwaves by storm when she released, “Gold” and she’s grown and created addictive tracks since then. She teased Lil Kiiwi earlier this summer with her single, “I Still Do” and I...READ MORE
  • Winona Oak’s “SHE” EP Is A Dream

    October 30, 2020When Winona Oak’s music first came up on my Spotify discovery, I fell in love with her ethereal voice and shimmering melodies that I couldn’t get out of my head. Her last EP “Closure” had...READ MORE
  • DASHA: None Of My Business

    October 21, 2020DASHA’s brutal honesty and a knack for earwormy melodies that you can’t shake definitely make her an artist who needs to be on your radar. We’re obsessed with her attitude and we’re suckers for a...READ MORE
  • CXLOE: Coming Into My Own Skin

    October 20, 2020Dark-pop singer/songwriter CXLOE has been steadily releasing bops over the past few years. Her single, “Show You,” has amassed over 20 million streams on Spotify, and that’s just the start. CXLOE  just released her first...READ MORE