• LOCS Is A Name You Need To Know

    September 23, 2021Hailing from Ohio, LOCS has it all – the attitude and the enthusiasm just exude off of him. His first single, “Jordan” is dynamic and something I haven’t stopped listening to since it came out....READ MORE
  • Amber Wilson: Poetry In Songwriting

    September 21, 2021Amber Wilson’s dreamy voice and her vulnerable lyrics are a pairing that makes her music unforgettable. Trancey, cosmic melodies that are meant to just live in your mind. We talked to Amber about her self-titled...READ MORE
  • Olivia Grace Just Needs Some Space

    September 20, 2021We’re obsessed with Olivia Grace and her haunting melodies and angelic voice. Her new song “Space” immediately hooks you, the hypnotic beats put you into a trance. It just radiates cool-girl energy. We talked to...READ MORE
  • Carlie Hanson: New Boundaries, New Sounds

    September 15, 2021I ADORE Carlie Hanson. Seeing her transform through the years and through various stages of her music has been amazing – even as a bystander. I loved catching up with her on her latest projects...READ MORE
  • New Music Sunday: September 12th 2021

    September 12, 2021Kacey Musgraves just dropped her highly anticipated album, star-crossed, and we were not ready for depressed girl fall but here it is. Kacey’s poetic lyrics bleed through this, it’s so vulnerable. It’s her brand of...READ MORE
  • Charlotte Sands Is A Name You Need To Know

    September 1, 2021Charlotte Sands went viral with her song “Dress” and for good reason, her shimmery melodies and catchy choruses are sure to get stuck in your head. She recently came out with her single “All My...READ MORE
  • Joseph Reuben Is Living In A Dreamland

    August 31, 2021Joseph Reuben rose to fame with his soulful take on Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend,” and since that moment, he has paved his way to his career in music. After persevering through emergency surgery and learning that...READ MORE
  • OSTON: Am I Talking Too Much?

    August 27, 2021I absolutely adore OSTON, and it’s been so amazing to see even friends with different tastes tell me about her and blast her music. We talked to her a while back as she began her...READ MORE
  • Maggie Andrew Is Telling Her Story

    August 26, 2021LA-based pop artist, songwriter, and creator, Maggie Andrew has released part 2 of her 3-part trilogy, “ILMIHM” (I Love Me I Hate Me). This trilogy is an in-depth musical, visual and emotional experience, inspired by...READ MORE