• James Bourne Is Everybody’s Friend

    September 9, 2020It’s kind of weird because I don’t exactly remember when I discovered the band Busted, I just always had them on my playlists when I was younger. If I had told 10-year-old me I would...READ MORE
  • twocolors Are Creating Their Own Lane

    September 8, 2020Electronic music is in a lane all it’s own, but it seems as though in the last few years, it’s popularity has grown. I think one of the most interesting things about EDM artists are...READ MORE
  • FLYNN Wants To Feel Like He Belongs

    September 3, 2020I’ve got to say, the pandemic is a strange time, but getting to interview some of the most incredible artists like the one and only FLYNN have been such a great experience. He’s a bit...READ MORE
  • Filipa Wants You To Do Something About It

    September 2, 2020Filipa’s new song “Do Something” has been a major mood-booster these days. She’s so unapologetic and her honesty is so refreshing and I think we’ve all been in a similar situation. We talked to her...READ MORE