• BAYLI: Demanding My Worth

    July 19, 2022BAYLI’s music is a whole vibe, she’s nailed that effortlessly cool sound and she’s definitely an artist you need on your radar. We talked to her about her song “think of drugs” and what’s been...READ MORE
  • Artist To Watch: Molla Roi

    July 6, 2022I first found Molla Roi’s music on TikTok where I was immediately hooked by their chromatic, shimmering music and unique voice. With their new song “High Beams” they dive into a new level of production...READ MORE
  • Sophia Scott: One Of These Days

    June 28, 2022If there was ever a guilty pleasure of mine, it’s vengeful but also sad country music. So when I came across Sophia Scott’s tracklist, she provided me with just that. We caught up ahead of...READ MORE
  • Artist To Watch: Justus Bennetts

    June 23, 2022To say I was excited to chat with Justus Bennetts is an understatement. Like most of the artists I’ve recently discovered, Justus also flashed across my ‘for you page’ last year with his hit “Bad...READ MORE
  • New Rules Makes New York City Debut

    June 21, 2022If you’ve ever gotten butterflies from seeing a band live, then you’ll understand exactly what it was like to see New Rules perform. Mercury Lounge in New York City became fans’ home for a day...READ MORE
  • Artist To Watch: Chloe Berry On Unbecoming

    June 7, 2022Chloe Berry’s song “Unbecoming” first caught my attention on TikTok, it just has so much emotion and I feel like the song tackles a subject we don’t hear enough about, nostalgia for your past self....READ MORE
  • Brynn Cartelli: Falling For A Gemini

    June 1, 2022Brynn Cartelli’s ethereal music is so captivating, and she just dropped the witchy anthem of the summer. As a fellow Gemini, I particularly became attached to her track “Gemini.” Brynn is the absolute sweetest, and...READ MORE
  • Cali Rodi: A Taste Of Nostalgia

    May 27, 2022I’ve been a fan of Cali Rodi for a while now and I’m a huge fan of her pop-punk covers on TikTok, her voice is just MADE for the genre. It has all the angst...READ MORE
  • Anna Sofia: Let Me Out I’m Free!

    May 24, 202218-year-old Toronto-based artist Anna Sofia is wise beyond her years and unafraid to call her own shots. Her new EP Let Me Out I’mI’m Free! guides listeners through the journey of young women who fights to take...READ MORE
  • Moontower: We Are All On Our Own Timelines

    May 23, 2022Moontower’s new song “State of Mind” perfectly intertwines a sunshiney melody with thoughtful lyrics that have this incredible depth. We caught up with Moontower to talk about their new music and how they’re building a...READ MORE
  • Ella Rosa Wants You To Eff Off

    May 20, 2022Ella Rosa has this dreamy sound, her hypnotic voice just hits all the right spots. Her new EP, Eff Off…I’m Fine, feels so fresh and vivid. We talked to her about how her sound has...READ MORE