• FLAWES: It’s Been A Crazy Time

    December 22, 2020The group FLAWES is compiled of the members of the frontman JC Carruthers, drummer Josh Hussey and guitarist Freddie Edwards. The group formed about 5 years ago by a wave of chance and circumstance. The...READ MORE
  • You Need To Know Silver Sphere

    December 18, 2020Sophie Cates, who you might know as Silver Sphere is releasing her second EP this fall. Her upbeat pop sound is unique and addicting. It was great getting to know the reason behind her stage...READ MORE
  • Natalie Shay On NAKED And Finding Her Voice

    December 16, 2020If you haven’t already added singer-songwriter Natalie Shay to your latest Spotify playlist, it is imperative you do so now. Shay recently released her five-track EP, NAKED, as well as an accompanying music video for...READ MORE
  • Angelic Montero Is Bringing The 2000’s Back

    December 15, 2020Angelic Montero’s sound is heavily influenced from her Latin background. Her voice effortlessly blends cultures together and it shows in her music. We spoke with Angelic about her musical influences, artists she loves and her...READ MORE
  • Peyton Stilling: Healing Is Hard To Measure

    December 1, 2020Peyton Stilling’s voice is absolutely haunting and her song “Healing” is the message we all need right now. We’ve all been at that point where we’re doing whatever we can to forget someone, the sultry...READ MORE
  • Courtney Paige Nelson Had To Save Herself

    November 24, 2020Courtney Paige Nelson’s dark pop sound and haunting vocals are such a vibe, and her music has a purpose. “Saved Myself” is an empowering track about taking responsibility for your mental health and ultimately being...READ MORE
  • BLÜ EYES Knows It’s Just Life

    November 13, 2020BLÜ EYES has a cosmic, ethereal vibe and her gentle voice and synthy tracks combine in such a beautiful way. Her song “Just Life” is a series of revelations made by the young artist over...READ MORE
  • Amy Macdonald: The Human Demands

    November 12, 2020Amy Macdonald is an artist in her own lane. You won’t find another female rocker with her same sound – and in the best way. She’s paved her own lane, and her album is officially...READ MORE