• Planning For Float Fest

    July 16, 2018In less than two weeks it will time for another summer festival - Float Fest! If you somehow aren’t familiar with Float Fest, it occurs every summer in the lovely city of San Marcos, Tx,...READ MORE
  • Hangout Fest 2018 Highlights

    June 21, 2018First of all, I want to shout out Chelsea for the great additional coverage at this year’s Hangout Festival. We were both able to cover multiple acts every day while still finding time to see...READ MORE
  • How To Prep For Hangout Fest 2018

    May 17, 2018Hangout Fest is coming up! The 3-Day festival that covers the gorgeous beaches of Gulf Shores Alabama is always one of the best fests of the season. Here’s what you need to know to prep.
  • Everything That Happened at Coachella 2018

    April 25, 2018Coachella is truly a magical festival. The sprawling scene is so large that my friend’s Fitbit countered over 20 miles that we walked. Coachella’s allure starts with the location: the desert sky, the mountains in...READ MORE
  • Prepping For Coachella 2018

    April 12, 2018Coachella, the master festival that kicks off the season. Coachella is extremely expensive and notorious for their difficult tickets and crowds of social media influencers. This year it’s also known for one of the sickest...READ MORE
  • My 2018 SXSW Diary

    March 25, 2018SXSW is hell week, but in a good way. This year I was planning a day party (girls to the front) as well as doing press which means a ton of interviews every day and...READ MORE
  • SXSW 2018 Guide

    March 9, 2018Hellooooooo spreadsheets. So here’s our spreadsheet, Sorry it’s incredibly confusing. Since we’re throwing a day party this year (RSVP and hang out with us if you haven’t) our schedule is a little different. Now, as...READ MORE
  • Day For Night 2017

    December 28, 2017Day For Night has to be one of the coolest festivals I’ve ever been to. It has everything art installations, my favorite lineup this year, and it’s in my hometown of Houston. It’s in December,...READ MORE
  • The Best of Riptide 2017

    December 11, 2017As a crazed music fan and avid show-goer, I was looking forward to my first local music festival since moving to Miami two years ago. South Florida doesn’t see a ton of good artists come...READ MORE
  • ACL 2017

    October 23, 2017Everyone in Austin has mixed feelings about ACL, the annual mega-fest that takes place at Zilker Park every year. It’s insanely crowded and hot but this year, the lineup was too good ot pass up....READ MORE
  • Float Fest 2017

    August 7, 2017I have NEVER been to Float Fest, such a shame. Their lineups have been getting increasingly better every year and despite the heat, I thought I would venture out to see what this fest was...READ MORE
  • Your Guide To Float Fest

    July 19, 2017Float Fest is coming up! The festival that combines everything Texans love, floating down rivers and music is finally upon us. This is such a unique festival just because you have the ability to float...READ MORE
  • Hangout Fest 2017

    May 25, 2017I’ve said before that Hangout Fest is one of my favorite festivals. I love the beach vibe, the billions of bros and scantily clad women. Okay, maybe not so much the bros, but the setting...READ MORE
  • Beale Street Music Festival 2017

    May 24, 2017Is there really a limit to how many times you can see MGMT, Snoop Dogg, and Wiz Khalifa? If you’re a regular attending Beale Street Music Festival, like me, the limit probably doesn’t exist.