Freda James Talks A Woman Alone And Her Hymn

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We are so stoked to premiere Freda James’ new song "Her Hymn." She tells us about creating the EP and it’s so raw and takes you into a look into her life.

“Part of the writing process for me is being in a trance with my feelings."

A month before the release of my EP, I was in the Berkshires with friends, spending time in nature and jamming. At one point, I was just touching the keys till the right chords settled in. A melody arrived in my mind, words began to flow, and soon I had something that felt soothing. It was a true freestyle moment, a snippet of an otherwise long jam session. 

“Her Hymn” was just a bit too late to make the EP. Even so, I feel it still needs to be part of A Woman Alone, because it stands as a moment of closure for me. The track is a bridge, extending from this first body of work into my next. I started my music journey in NY, and happened to be there as I released A Woman Alone, which felt supernatural. This is a song, unrefined, to capture a bit of what I love most about music; the channeling of moods and soul as they come.”

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