You Need To Listen To Go Fever

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Acey Moreno has a strong personality, which is one of my favorite things about her, she’s gravitating. I first saw Go Fever when they were doing a full No Doubt cover set and I was captivated. Acey has a powerful voice and a flair for words. She was having a fitting for new stage outfits the day we talked. For Go Fever, showmanship sets them apart.

New Music Friday: December 7th 2018

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Alice Phoebe Lou blessed us with this new song last week and she also announced her debut album Paper Castles which will come out March 3rd and be followed by a tour. Alice explains that Paper Castles is “about nostalgia, about growing into a woman, about the pain and beauty of the past, about feeling small and insignificant but finding …

This Year’s Jingle Ball Was Everything We Wanted

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If you’re me, the end of Thanksgiving doesn’t mean it’s almost Christmas yet – it means Jingle Ball time! In the five years I’ve been in Dallas, I think I’ve only missed one Jingle Ball. It’s truly a show I look forward to every year, showcasing some of the biggest artists of the year singing their top hits of this year and years past. What’s not to love!

Sky Renee’s Empowering Song About Body Positivity

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“Body Positivity” is a word that gets tossed around a lot and it’s crazy that we all have these weird issues with our bodies. It can be easy to just stare at yourself and judge every small thing, it’s something I’m guilty of and it’s something I know my friends struggle with. That’s why I was so excited to hear Sky Renee’s new song “Mirror,” the song is about her struggle with body dysmorphia and how she finally got over it through music.

Blake Rose Talks About His “Hotel Room”

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Blake Rose released his sultry single, “Hotel Room” earlier this month and I’ve been addicted to it ever since. His vocals grab you and instantly you gravitate toward the song. Along with the single he dropped the video for it too and it’s equally as magnetic. I got to talk to Rose about growing up in Perth and how he created this single and what’s to come for the young artist.