Mamii Channels Love And Lust On New Single: “More Than A Friend”

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Singer/songwriter Mamii rides shotgun around the city in the visual for her latest single, “More Than A Friend.” Her delicate vocals blend into the track’s harmonious tempo. She opens the song, “I need a reason just to call you again, because I’m tired of imagining your voice in my head.” 

“More Than A Friend” has a soft rock melody with upbeat drums that perfectly complements Mamii’s R&B vibe. Her voice has a slight ruggedness that peeks through her soulful melodies. Singer D Phelps features a verse on the song providing a masculine touch. She describes her creative inspiration, “‘More Than A Friend’ is about falling in love for the first time and having to face the challenge of working through fears and commitment issues so the relationship can reach its potential.” The track channels a playful and comforting romance. 

Mamii combines elements of different genres to create a sound that stands out among the alternative R&B subset. She is a pleasant sound for sore ears, experimenting with rhythms and styles that bring a fresh perspective to music. Earning the attention of various artists and placements on multiple playlists, Mamii is well on her way to mainstream success.

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Hayley Tharp

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