Annabel Lee Is Prepping For World Domination

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Annabel Lee has one of the most intense live shows we’ve ever seen, at SXSW the crowd was absolutely insane. You can just feel the cathartic release in her songs, she’s releasing some demons. We talked to her about the challenges she’s faced in music and what’s next for her. Can you tell me kind of about the start of …

Mamii Channels Love And Lust On New Single: “More Than A Friend”

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Singer/songwriter Mamii rides shotgun around the city in the visual for her latest single, “More Than A Friend.” Her delicate vocals blend into the track’s harmonious tempo. She opens the song, “I need a reason just to call you again, because I’m tired of imagining your voice in my head.”  “More Than A Friend” has a soft rock melody with …

You Need To Know Silver Sphere

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Sophie Cates, who you might know as Silver Sphere is releasing her second EP this fall. Her upbeat pop sound is unique and addicting. It was great getting to know the reason behind her stage name and talk all about Taylor Swift and her contribution to music and inspiring Sophie for being the artist she is today. We’re so excited …

New Music Alert: Eda Green’s “I Hate Me Too”

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Eda Green’s new song “I Hate Me Too” immediately hit me. The song is a haunting look at your own demons and insecurities. At the end of the day, you can never escape yourself, and confronting that is one of the biggest challenges we can face. We talked to the up-and-coming artist about the meaning behind the song and being …

Parade Of Lights Are Having A Moment

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Parade of Lights are having a moment, the indie pop band just released a new single “Touch” and it’s the first track they’ve released since their debut album Feeling Electric. You’ve definitely heard of them before, their song GOlden was in almost every commercial and TV show you’ve seen. It was in the Oscars and the Olympics. They toured with Imagine Dragons and The Neighbourhood. We talked to Michelle Ashley and Ryan Daly about their new music and how they got started.