MishCatt On “Blue Blood” And Her Upcoming EP

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MishCatt, the alter ego of Michelle González, perfectly combines sultry sounds with pop sensibilities. Her new song "Blue Blood" is the perfect example, like a foggy summer memory. We talked to her about growing up in Costa Rica, the new song, and the challenges she's faced in the music industry.

How did you get started in music?

MishCatt: My parents are artists and musicians. My dad has a studio and since I was very young, I would always be there and it was like a playground for me. So it became a very special space for expression. I remember my first recorded song was L.O.V.E. When I was 4, I was obsessed with Natalie Cole’s version… gotta find that cassette! 

Growing up in Costa Rica sounds amazing, what were your favorite memories?

MishCatt: Costa Rica is really awesome. When I was around 6, I was obsessed with the movie 'The Little Rascals' and ended up creating a girl gang. It was awesome, we like ruled the neighborhood, haha. 

Tell me about your song “Blue Blood” - what’s the story behind it?

MishCatt: This song is about the melancholic memory of a summer romance. It’s idealistic but there’s something sad about it, almost a dreamy feel to make you wonder if it ever happened. We wanted to make a psychedelic video that characterized more dreamy qualities, something very abstract to represent these feelings. My eyes are closed during the whole video because it’s supposed to all be a dream I’m having.

What was it like working with Pontus Winnberg?

MishCatt: Really great and I learned so much with him! He just takes your musical ideas to a place you wouldn’t imagine and amplifies your vision.

Tell me about your upcoming EP, what can we expect?

MishCatt: Each song has a different personality and groove. The songs are all part of a love story between me and my intuition, and all the highs and lows involved in that relationship. 

What has been the biggest challenge for you in the music industry?

MishCatt: Sometimes the biggest and most important challenge is trusting your gut. It can be tricky, because the ego gets in the way a lot, then insecurities and you end up thinking too much instead of feeling. Always stay true to yourself, that can't ever go wrong. 

What’s your best piece of advice for young women?

MishCatt: To support each other more. We are not against each other, we are with each other. But we have to be at peace with ourselves, forgive ourselves, and not compare ourselves to anyone else. I feel every woman has unique powers and in order to discover them we have to be in tune within ourselves. It’s always a work in progress, but life is a work in progress. Meditate! The more you do it, the more passion you will feel in being in that good state of mind, and you will find harmony around you. Work on yourself to take old mental blocks out of the way that just limit you. Aways honor where you stand on.

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