Marc Scibilia Scores Opening Slot for Maroon 5

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The upcoming newbo evolve (yes, all lowercase!) festival will take place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa August 3-5 and celebrate fashion, technology and creativity through a variety of sessions, performances and more. The latest addition to the lineup is Buffalo native songwriter Marc Scibilia, who will be opening for Maroon 5 before their Saturday night headlining set. I caught up with Marc recently for a brief Q&A.

KINGDM’s Dreamy Voice Will Have You Hooked

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About two summers ago, I had this song, “Baby” on all my playlists. It’s really come full circle with the artist I’m about to rave to you about. While he’s yet to release an EP or LP, chances are you’ve definitely heard KINGDM’s smooth voice. He’s steadily dropping new hits so we want to get all the details before his next single! Seriously, if you aren’t already listening to him you need to start right now.

Dreamy And Haunting Soundscapes From Sam Valdez

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One of the things I love most about music is its ability to transport you somewhere through sound. Listening to Sam Valdez’s debut EP, Mirage, feels like driving through the desert at night with your windows down. It lives somewhere in between reality and dreams. Inspired by 90’s shoegaze and Americana legends, she mixes raw emotion with ethereal guitar riffs that blend together in a hazey perfection.

New Music Alert: CAPPA

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I’m a sucker for feel-good pop music and with CAPPA, I got exactly that. This confident, powerful artist dropped her latest single, “Tension” a couple of weeks ago and it’s the perfect addition to my summer playlist. Seriously, she needs no introduction. Just listen to her music and meet your latest obsession.

Talking Astrology With The Most Emotionally Intelligent Person in Electronic Music, Madame Gandhi

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Kiran Gandhi is quite possibly the smartest person I’ve ever met. In addition to having been a live drummer for M.I.A. and establishing her own name as a solo artist and producer (she goes by Madame Gandhi), she also has an MBA from Harvard, which is proof enough of her genius. But what I learned hearing her speak on a panel at Seattle’s Pop Conference is that her intellect goes far, far beyond academic learning. Gandhi was so insightful, so passionately logical and sharp and observant about the ways that our culture dismisses and denigrates femininity, that I knew I had to talk to her one-on-one to learn anything else I could from her.