Katey Brooks On Cults and Coming-Out

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Katey Brooks has a dreamy voice and it’s clear that she feels every word she sings, the best artists write from experience and it’s a rare artist that has experience like Katey. She grew up in a cult and found refuge in songwriting.  She says, “It was definitely different, although to me and my sisters it wasn’t different at all.Coming …

You Need To Listen To Go Fever

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Acey Moreno has a strong personality, which is one of my favorite things about her, she’s gravitating. I first saw Go Fever when they were doing a full No Doubt cover set and I was captivated. Acey has a powerful voice and a flair for words. She was having a fitting for new stage outfits the day we talked. For Go Fever, showmanship sets them apart.

RUUMER Is The Sister Pop Duo To Watch

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RUUMER, the dynamic sister duo with sparkling pop sounds is just off the release of their song “Gimme Some” and they’re definitely not stopping. I talked to them about Catholic school, staying motivated, and what’s coming next. So, how did you get started? Melis: We’ve been singing and acting since we were both 3 years old. We’re sister which some …