New Music Alert: Becca Krueger’s “We All In It”

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Becca Krueger’s voice is sultry, captivating and addicting. After listening to her, it’s easy why anyone would be obsessed. We got to speak to the talented songstress about the premiere of her new single “We All In It.”

Becca, tell us how you got started in songwriting?
I actually started writing and performing in middle school and it continued as a hobby. When I got to college at NYU and met people in my program, I fell in love with it all over again. It was then I decided to pursue this as my career.

What’s your creative process like?
I really thrive on collaboration. I write a bit on my own, too. I take a notebook everywhere. For me, New York is the most interesting place to write. There are street signs, people, a lot of creativity everywhere.

Tell us about “We All In It” and what we can expect from your EP?
“We All In It” was a long process. We’ve been working on this song for over a year now. It stems from a place being creative and unique. It’s also about that we may not be on the original path we set ourselves, but we all became professionals in some way. This is the first single from my EP set to debut in Spring 2018.

Who would you say are your musical influences?
Fleetwood Mac, Norah Jones, Billie Holiday, and Frank Ocean.

What’s something your fans may not know about you?
My mom grew up on a farm so I grew up learning how to make my own clothes. I design some of my wardrobe, actually.

I know you completed studies at NYU, so if you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?
For me, music has always been there, but if I weren’t singing, I wouuld probably working in entertainment law.

Check out the Becca’s single now and follow her on Twitter!

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