Donna Missal Drops “Get Well”

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It’s Valentine’s Day and if you’re single or in a complicated relationship, the holiday can be a little weird. Our girl Donna Missal gets that and she just dropped a song about that feeling. She said, “Today can feel isolating for anyone who isn’t in a relationship or at least in a “happy” one. I wanted to put this out …

Kat Saul’s Middle Name

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Kat Saul’s voice is moody and sultry all in one. Her latest, “Middle Name” is about reaching a new level with a significant other in an emotional sense. It’s catchy and just in time for your Valentine’s Day soundtrack. Seriously, it was so refreshing to speak with Kat and talk about this single.

tiLLie’s “faith” Is A Message For Abuse Survivors Seeking Justice

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Los Angeles-based pop songstress, TiLLie’s newest single is seriously a bop. While it touches on a darker chapter of her life, the song gives you hope, and well, faith. Following the buzz of her breakout EP that landed her on the Vans Warped Tour, the Annie Mac show on BBC Radio 1, and on the popular video game Rock Band, “faith” arrives as the mark of a new era.

Premiere : Pink Dust – “She”

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and Pink Dust’s “She” is a dreamy tune to get you in the mood. You can take from that what you will, but this track is seriously perfect for any romantic. Vocalist Cliff Littlefield’s vocals come across tender, genuine, sentimental, and vulnerable over a soft melodic guitar part. With “She” the indie duo says …

Watch and Wait: Ella Vos Is Back

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After taking some much needed time off, Ella Vos is back and her new EP, Watch and Wait– out January 25th– is even more raw, emotional, and inspirational than her last album. I completely fell in love with Vos’s music when I had the honor of interviewing her a year ago, and her new music journey is making me fall all over again. About her lymphoma diagnosis, this EP finds the silver lining in her hardships and gives meaning and words to emotions we all experience.

Charlie Burg- Three, Fever EP

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There is something to be said about creating a concept and seeing it through. Hailing from Metro Detroit, multi-spectrum artist Charlie Burg deserves to be recognized for his now completed idea. Over the course of the last year, Burg has put together three EP’s, as a cohesive project, but also with their own unique sound respectively. With the latest and …