New Music Alert: Jay Ratinoff’s “Fire”

emilytreadgold #7, Premiere

Jay Ratinoff’s “Fire” video is the perfect blend of sultry and sexy. The bilingual track showcases being in the moment. This video is sure to get you feeling very spicy, if we’re being honest.

"'Fire' was a made up story that came out of my subconscious mind. When I'm writing lyrics, I usually don't think of someone specifically. I usually have a lyrical idea in my head, and I start from there. One morning, I actually had the first lyrical idea that said: ''Un beso normal, es casi como no respirar''. I got hooked on that first lyrical and melodic idea and went from there," shares Ratinoff.

"I knew that there was something special happening as I was writing it, because the speed of the song, was as fast as I was writing it. The song was written first in Spanish, and then in English. In both English and Spanish versions, the song had always the word 'Fire.' I am very proud of this song because of the combination of my melodic, lyrical and emotional ideas. When I'm writing a song, I almost say in lyrics what I can't express when I am with someone specifically with words."

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