Misty Mtn: Guess Who’s Back

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If you’ve ever avoided bars, coffee shops, or even an entire side of town after a break up, you’ll relate to Misty Mtn’s newest single ‘Guess Who’s Back.’ The self-described dark-mountain pop duo defies genre, blending pop, folk, and electronic influence to create catchy, but emotional tracks.

New Music Alert: ZOLA

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ZOLA’s voice is smooth and soulful. She sings with every emotion on her sleeve and if her EP is anything like her two most recent singles, it’s sure to be incredible. At just 22-years old, she’s multi-talented and very much an old soul. We got to talk about “Everything I Know” and we cannot wait until it’s released!

Corinne Bates: Too Sad To Fall Asleep

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Corinne Bates is a dream. The Timothee Chalamet lookalike has a voice that will surprise you and lyrics that sound like they were taken directly from her diary, partly because they were. With her debut EP release, she’s putting it all out there and she’s never been more vulnerable but that’s also where she finds her strength. We talked to our favorite new sad queen about her stunning debut.

H Kenneth: There Is Beauty In Imperfection

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H Kenneth is a new artist I’ve been introduced to that I just completely admire. He created this album off of inspiration from his own life. The botched chords, wrong notes, timing errors are real sounds from everyday life like the trains, sirens, and jangling dog collars. He’s very open with his audience and is transparent about his bipolar disorder because he wants to show that there is beauty in imperfection and neuro divergence. “This Is A Journal” is an ode to all of that.

New Music Alert: Saint Slumber

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Saint Slumber has been paired up with the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars, Portugal. the Man, and Walk the Moon, but don’t be fooled. They’ve got a sound of their very own. Melodic and rhythmic lyrics, their next EP is sure to create the most wonderful soundtrack. Their EP is set to drop later this year and we were so excited to hear all about it!

Ames Wants You To Hold On

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We caught wind of talented musician Ames going solo with her career by debuting her first-ever track “Hold On”. Not only is it a stellar first step out on her own, but she’s dropping an EP in early 2019, bringing more of her talent to our ears soon. Ames has an interesting and tug-on-the-heartstrings background that only adds to her incredible journey in the music industry. Having written for well-known artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Rita Ora, Tori Kelly and others, Ames step in the spotlight is very welcome. Read more about her with our Q&A below.

Great Good Fine Ok: An Intergalactic Journey

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Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a sucker for a good music video. Usually watching one turns into fifteen and I end up down a rabbit hole of discovery. No truer example of this came in 2014, when I came across a video from The Wild Honey Pie’s channel called “By My Side” from Great Good Fine Ok. The lead singer Jon Sandler and keyboardist Luke Moellman instantly had my attention. The falsetto, the kimono, and the first verse had me hooked. Fast forward to 2018, the Brooklyn-based synth-pop duo has been a staple in my Spotify playlists and in the music scene as a whole.