New Music Alert: The Trash Mermaids “Stoked On Life”

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The Trash Mermaids just dropped their new song "Stoked On Life" in honor of Earth Day. All proceeds are going to Mission Blue for ocean conservation, a cause close to their hearts. The band is fronted by Scarlett Blu who has visited all of the world's oceans. We talked to them about new music and why we should give a damn about the environment. 

Tell me about your new song “Stoked On Life”, what’s the story behind it?

The Trash Mermaids: I wrote “Stoked On Life” while spending time in Hawaii, inspired by nature and feeling one with the Earth.  Nature is my muse and writing a song for Earth Day is my way to give back to the environment. “Stoked On Life” is about being in love with life itself and giving thanks to the nature that gives you joy every day.

I love that the proceeds go to Mission Blue, why is that such an important organization to y’all?

The Trash Mermaids: I had met Sylvia Earle and was really impressed by her commitment to save the oceans. Sylvia has dedicated her life to this important cause and is one of my heroes.

It seems obvious but why is it important to save our oceans?

The Trash Mermaids: Life started in the ocean and the oceans are our life support system. No ocean, no life.

Do you think more bands should be involved with conservation issues?

The Trash Mermaids: Nature and the environment are faced with enormous challenges from loss of biodiversity, pollution and climate change. Artists need to step up and take action to protect the earth.

What’s something everyone can do to help?

The Trash Mermaids: I wrote a song but everybody can find ways to make everyday, Earth Day: plant a tree, be a vegetarian for one day, stop using plastic items, pick up a discarded bottle and recycle it even if it’s not yours.

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