Love You Later: Spacey Shimmer Pop Backed With Emotion

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Love You Later has the dreamy space pop vibes that we truly love. We talked to the up-and-coming artist during SXSW about the challenges she’s faced in the industry, breakups, and what she has coming up this year. So, let’s get started with how you got started in music. Love You Later: Okay. So, my parents were both musicians; I always …

SXSW: Flavia Is The Future Of Pop

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We love SXSW and one of our favorite things is seeing all the up-and-coming artists that we’ve been listening to all year. One of our favs, Flavia, first got our attention with “Hateful” and with her latest, “I Don’t Wanna Be Here” she is easily one of our fav indie pop-stars. We can’t wait to see her at her showcase …

Chris Rovik Goes Solo

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I’ve found most of my favorite bands on accident, by wandering into bars or following friends to gigs I had no plans of attending. I found Chris Rovik through his other project Clone Wolf last May when they played their first New York show. I was hooked immediately. Their album Icehouse made it onto my list of top three albums …

Sandro Cavazza Is A Name To Get Used To

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Sandro Cavazza is a name you might not know just yet, but you’ve definitely heard his songs and his voice. He’s collaborated with Avicii and Kygo and his song “High With Somebody” gained over 25 million streams globally. We talked to him about his new music, Queen, and having grit.  How did you get started in music?  Sandro: I started singing …

Blu DeTiger and The Knocks Brought The Party To Houston

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Blu DeTiger, the insanely talented multi-instrumentalist played to a packed crowd on Sunday night. She showed up in a sparkling dress with glitter eyeshadow, surrounded by instruments and in her element, Blu was there to turn the audience into her fans. She started with her newly released song “In My Head” a euro-disco bop that shows off her DJ skills …

Video Premiere : Reliant Tom “Alien”

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Reliant Tom is an experimental performance art duo from New York and their sound resembles the likes of artists like St. Vincent . Formed shortly after composer Monte Weber met choreographer and vocalist Claire Cuny at a DIY show in Brooklyn, the duo now pairs music with their unique talents of sound design, wearable technology, modern dance, and non-genre specific songwriting.