New Music Sunday: August 18th 2019

emilytreadgold New 9 Tracks

KOPPS are back with another insanely catchy song that also has a deep underlying meaning. "OH DANG DANG" is about our love for the next big thing.

Patricia says,  "It’s a song that kind of beats you over the head, it’s mostly about our obsession with consumerism. We’re just playing these characters that are addicted to the next big thing. I think obviously a lot of people in the world may be in denial about their love for things but they can’t actually make you happy. We like to pretend they can..."

We can't get enough of Mae Deline's raw honesty and "Graffiti" really does speak to your soul.

She said, "It was really important for me to feature a 'wall' of female voices backing the words of the chorus to capture the collective pain and sheer power that so many women share. The song captures the feeling of being a canvas for a man to mark, critique, alter or deface. It’s a feeling of overall 'impurity' we begin to feel about ourselves as we mature. We become ashamed of our mistakes, our sexual history, our scars, our age, and we feel we have become 'unclean'; that we are no longer desirable...I now have the ability to see an even greater perspective. I had been looking at myself through the eyes of men for so long that in reclaiming my own unique perspective, I feel whatever I had lost has been gained back tenfold. I’m grateful to have gained a deep understanding of who I am and what I am worth. Women, we are warriors."

Verite is a damn poet. Her new song "ocean" cis so gorgeous.

She sings, "You're an ocean
And I'm caught up in a wave
Drowning in the motion
Watching tides and their face
Betting on the change
You know is coming
Yeah you're a movement
And I'm just standing straight 'til you can sue me
And leave an empty space like I don't exist
If you don't witness it, oh." 

Just let me get in my feelings here.

With flickers of synth layered over a building bass line, Anna Lotterud's wistful vocals are stunningly juxtaposed with a fearless narrative as she sings about having the upper hand in a relationship. "I've been playing games with your heart, so I know I've made my mark," she proclaims over delicate electronic textures, "I'll make you jealous so I know I've still got you when I'm not home". It's daydream pop brimming with the bold outlook of a woman taking charge in the modern age. Speaking on the meaning behind the track, Anna noted - 'We’ve all been there. Sometimes it might be better being honest cause you might end up pushing this one person away'.

Our fav boys Northern National are back with "Happy Disasters" a song we can totally relate to.

On Instagram they said, "Ever feel like you’re a “hazard to yourself”? This coming Friday we have a new song releasing called “Happy Disasters”. It talks about how we deal with anxiety and how we aren’t alone in that struggle. It’s a special one for us. Truly hope it speaks to your soul."

FLETCHER just dropped her gorgeous EP appropriately titled "you ruined new york for me."
The EP is a highly personal story of first love and heartbreak, you ruined new york city for me features FLETCHER’s breakout hit “Undrunk,”which has amassed more than 100 million streams worldwide as well as anticipated tracks, “Strangers” and “All Love.” 
 “I wore my heart on my sleeve with this project. It’s been important for me to show myself and others that it is okay to be both vulnerable and aggressive at the same time. It means we’re human beings,” says FLETCHER. “Everyone remembers their first love, for better or for worse. I just decided to write about mine…in a very TMI kind of way.”