New Video: Cyn’s “Terrible Ideas”

emilytreadgold #2, Premiere

CYN just dropped a GORGEOUS video for her new song "Terrible Ideas" and it's giving us some serious Chanel envy.

The video was directed by Quinn Wilson, in partnership with CHANEL Beauty. All eyes are on CYN in the intimate video, which features extreme closeups with a focus on natural beauty.

Director Quinn Wilson weighed in on the concept behind the video, explaining “There's a demand for natural beauty (finally)...CYN has that no doubt, it was such a pleasure to work with her. Our initial idea started with a concept based around lyrics written in lipstick on a mirror - after sitting with the song a bit, I realized how lyrically personal the song's storytelling is. I wanted to bring the intimacy forward...I think that comes across most in the hyper close ups of CYN and between moments of her touching the lens. She's so present in front of the viewer, looking at us straight on for the majority of the video, I loved her directness. Collaborating with Chanel on this was iconic, I think the brand partnership fit CYN very well.”

Talking about her collaboration with Chanel, CYN reveals, “Collaborating with Chanel is a dream come true, always! I think writing with the lipstick on the mirror hints at a very confident, feminine side of my character. I’ve always aimed to embody Chanel through my own femininity, and I think that is revealed in the subtle details of this video.”


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