Charlie Burg- Three, Fever EP

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There is something to be said about creating a concept and seeing it through. Hailing from Metro Detroit, multi-spectrum artist Charlie Burg deserves to be recognized for his now completed idea. Over the course of the last year, Burg has put together three EP’s, as a cohesive project, but also with their own unique sound respectively. With the latest and final entry in the series, Three, Fever, builds on past efforts while drawing a close to overarching project. “Fever” sets the tone for the EP utilizing funk, hip-hop, and even some retro sounds. “To Dance Is To Love” helps bridge the past EP’s with melodies and a soulful sound, reminiscent of his Motown roots.

At a runtime of 25 minutes, Three, Fever is a great conclusion to the three part series. After a breakout year in 2018, Charlie Burg looks to hit the road this spring, bringing his unique blend of soul and funk to you. Make sure to have him on your radar.

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