CHIANNE Is On A Mission

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CHIANNE has lived all over the world, and she's lived many lives: fashion designer, Reiki practitioner, and wedding planner, but she always knew she was supposed to be an artist. Her "conscious pop" is meant the be more than music, it's a lifestyle, it's about inspiring people to live their truth, face their fears, and follow their passions.

I feel like you've done so much.

CHIANNE: I feel like I’ve squeezed several lifetimes into one.

How did you get started in music, what was that moment?

CHIANNE: I always had this love for music but I never thought I could pursue it because of the way I grew up, I was pushed more into business. I put it on the back-burner of my mind and I didn’t realize that was what I wanted to do. I studied International Relations and Fashion. I was living in Milan and had a rough breakup and walked past a music school and something was pushing me there. I started taking lessons and it was a hobby at first but it really took over. 

Do you feel like those experiences inspire you and your writing?

CHIANNE: Since I lived in several different countries, it’s added to who I am and broadened my perspective on life and how I see the world. I’m trying to combine all these cultures that I was exposed to, I want to blend those elements.

You use the term “conscious pop” what does that mean to you?

CHIANNE: I’ve always been into spirituality, but since I moved to LA I’ve been doing a lot of self-discovery. I’m a certified Reiki practitioner and life coach and wanted to incorporate that into my music. I like my music to be pop but I want to empower the listener to ask bigger questions about their life and learn about who they are. A lot of pop is more on the darker side which is cool but I want to hear more songs that are uplifting.

Tell me about your new song “Flames” what’s the story behind that?

CHIANNE: It’s a love song, obviously, but it’s about two people that come together and maybe they have some fears or past baggage holding them back. Sometimes we can be scared that we will get hurt but then how can we experience that deep love if we’re holding ourselves back? This song is about letting go of that fear and going for it.

What was the biggest challenge switching from business to music?

CHIANNE: Trying to figure out the game has taken me a while because I had no idea how the music business works and everything is changing now. I didn't know where to start. I also already had a career in fashion and everyone was like, "What? You want to sing now?" it put a lot of pressure on me. I had to show my parents that I wasn't crazy and that I'm following my heart and I can succeed. 

What's your best piece of advice for young women?

CHIANNE: We live in a world where we're told we're not enough and we need to change how we look and who we are to be accepted and loved and we need to realize our self-worth. We can't look for validation from the outside. Know your worth.

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