Grammy 2016 Hopefuls

emilytreadgold #6, Editorial

Who we’re hoping to win this year. No matter who wins, at least we can always look forward to some awkward Taylor Swift dance moves, an angelic appearance from Beyonce, and some sort of Michael Jackson tribute.

What separates record from song? The production. Look at the record as the complete package and the song as the writing. A lot of vintage vibes in this category this year and a lot of top-notch producers. I think the throwback Michael Jackson feel of this “Can’t Feel My Face” is refreshing and modern, it emphasizes Abel’s fantastic vocals but it’s still dance-able. It builds perfectly and every aspect is working together.

I’m amazed with the selection of Album Of The Year, you have Alabama Shakes, Chris Stapleton, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd. It’s just wonderful, and refreshing when it’s usually just Top 40. I loved The Weeknd’s album so much, and I love everything that Alabama Shakes does. Kendrick Lamar is a revelation in rap and the fact the Stapleton is not just nominated for Country Album is incredible. This is actually incredibly difficult, but I’m going with Kendrick Lamar. The whole album is a masterpiece and such a definitive example of the year in music and the year in general.

This category is all about writing. And who better than the modern poet that is Kendrick Lamar. This song is the anthem of the year, we’re down but we’re going to be alright. Lamar’s well-crafted lyrics and ability to transform a genre that seemed stagnant is incredible.

A lot of good choices this year but I would just enjoy Barnett taking the win. She is so refreshing. When I first heard her song “Pedestrian At Best” I was just taken away with her charming inflections and beyond unique lyrics.

What a year for women in music! Alabama Shakes, Elle King, and Florence and the Machine. I love all of these songs but I have to say “Don’t Wanna Fight” is easily one of my favorite songs of the year and Brittany Howard’s vocals range from screeching to powerful to soft. It’s incredible.

What an exciting year for country music. You have Musgraves killing it for the ladies and Stapleton stopping bro-country in its tracks. Stapleton’s album “Traveller” is incredible and poignant. He is finally bringing classic country back, it’s so long been refered to as “Americana” but now we have the word country back! Then you have Musgraves who has sharp, witty lyrics and an authenticity and humor that is bringing on comparisons of June Carter or Kitty Wells. I loved Musgraves personally but I’m going with Stapleton on this one.