The Women Who Dominated 2019

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I feel like every year I read headlines about it being a year for women in music, but nothing really changes. While that’s a depressing though, at least this year Lizzo broke into the mainstream, Billie Eilish became the voice of Gen Z and Taylor Swift brought to light one of the biggest music industry problems. However, I still hear …

5 Gifts For The Fangirl In Your Life

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Don’t overthink it, get that new Harry Styles shirt that’s like $75 it’ll be worth it! It’s basically Gucci for cheap and how cute? We need to support Harry more, tbh, we’re not doing enough.  Merch goes way beyond just t-shirts now, these Kacey Musgraves rolling papers, are super cute and super useful. They also totally fit Kacey’s high lifestyle …

Our Artists To Watch This Year

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It’s been quite the year for indie artists and although our Albums of The Year have featured big acts like Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar to up-and-comers Anna of the North and Julien Baker, that doesn’t mean we don’t still have our eyes on newer artists that are still paving their way and making waves in the music world. There are so many artists that we loved this year and it’s impossible to name them all but here are some of our favorite new acts to keep up with.