What Are We Gatekeeping Anymore?

emilytreadgold #1, Editorial

“We were gatekeeping her from the Swifties,” the comments were coming through on a TikTok I made about introducing Ethel Cain to my Taylor Swift group chat. This was in 2022. Ethel Cain made Preacher’s Daughter my favorite album of that year. Ethel Cain was, by no means, my discovery. While she wouldn’t be considered mainstream, the song “American Teenager” …

Letters To Taylor Swift: Callie Carlucci

emilytreadgold #1, Editorial

The universe creates a full circle moment for Taylor Swift and me. Taylor came into my life when I was eleven. At a voice lesson, my voice coach said that the theme for the next recital would be country music. At the time, the only country artists I listened to were The Chicks. I told my voice teacher I wanted …

Letters To Taylor Swift: Carolina Caggiano

emilytreadgold #2, Editorial

Went to 4 concerts and now preparing to see her in Brazil! So our tour came to an end but here is #whatyoumademedo Taylor: 4 shows 4 cities 4 outfits 13 hours of shows 13 000 miles ( ATX – A&TT- ATX – GRU -MCO – TAMPA – ATX – NRG – ATX) Your eras tour was definitely a ThERASphy …

Letters To Taylor Swift: Eddie Torres

emilytreadgold #2, Editorial

Taylor Swift, her name alone, makes me smile. During the darkest times in my life, Taylor has been the one to keep me company. She has been the one to shine light in so many dark situations. She has a song for literally anything I may be going through, and I think that is why she is so loved. She …

Letters To BLACKPINK: Fans Write In From Discord

emilytreadgold #1, Editorial, Features

When I first saw BLACKPINK at Coachella in 2019, it was a performance I will never forget. From watching them at the Sahara stage to headlining the main stage just four years later was incredible. As a mild Blink and never experienced a real K-pop concert, the fans were so welcoming. We had so much room for being so close, …

A Lesson In Internalized Misogyny: I’m Sorry Taylor Swift

emilytreadgold #1, Editorial

My relationship with Taylor Swift is complicated. When her first album came out, I was 15 and pretty much a loser. I was in high school, and Taylor, to me, despite what she said in her songs, embodied everything I could never be. She was pretty and popular and rich. Her music seemed immature to me, princesses and romance. It …

What Happened To Pop Stars?

emilytreadgold #7, Editorial, Features

It’s easy to look at the pop music landscape in the defining eras of their respective reigning pop queens: Britney Spears and her Max Martin pop dominance, Beyonce’s continual reign over the culture, Taylor Swift’s country crossover that just doubled her fanbase, but will pop queens continue to dominate or are we moving into a completely different music structure. How …

One Direction Could Never Happen Again

emilytreadgold #2, Editorial

Over the weekend, I was at my friend’s house, and we started watching old One Direction videos. From their time at X-Factor to their music videos, they were really selling us this idyllic group, and I’m sure this couldn’t be replicated today for a lot of reasons. It’s too wholesome These boys delivered charisma, and they did it well. The …

Why Lorde Is So Important

emilytreadgold #11, Editorial

I’m constantly reminded of Lorde’s break onto the music scene. Her anthem “Royals” was catchy and beautiful in it’s simplicity, but more than that it emphasized something that is so rare in music. The song is about the lack of wealth and more importantly, the lack of even the desire for wealth. The only songs that sell are songs about love and partying, but here was Lorde parading the opposite. Even her appearance, her wild hair and dramatic facial features are the opposite of the hoards of blonde models that dominate the pop charts. Lorde was the weird girl at your high school that should never have been famous.

SOUR As An Asian American

emilytreadgold #7, Editorial

I say this with as little boasting as possible – as a High School Musical franchise fanatic, I *personally* knew Olivia Rodrigo was always going to be a star. With the debut “driver’s license,” it was almost like she appeared out of nowhere, but after screaming “All I Want” for the last six months prior, I knew this was going …