No One Is Making Music Like Lo Boii

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There’s nothing quite like Lo Boii. The duo comprised of producer/writer Aalias and wrtier/vocalist Corey Latif just dropped their stunning debut “Sex Doesn’t Sell…Anymore” and it’s layers of electric r&b with elements of funk and soulful vocals. Lo Boii: It was the first song we did for the project and set the tone for the rest of the music. For …

Forever X 2 Releases Debut EP

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Forever X2 has been dropping insanely catchy songs and they just dropped their debut self-titled EP. The project has some We talked to the brains-behind-the-band Peter Verdell about his unique sound and his journey to get there. When do you think your music career really started? I guess it would be sometimes in 2010; I had recorded a full-length album …

Maude Latour: SUPERFRUIT

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In her latest single “Superfruit,” nineteen-year-old New York indie-pop artist Maude Latour explores the sweetness of young love along with the daunting nature of college and the life that comes with it. We talked to her about her new single, her homemade music video, New York, and finding real human connection in the age of Instagram. When did you start …

Mokita’s Kiss And Tell

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Mokita’s continuing the ride of his momentum of last year with his single, “Kiss & Tell.” Equally as addicting as his previous songs, this relatable song hits in all the right places. If you thought the single was great, the video is even better. I am in awe of Mokita’s talent and can’t wait to see what else he’s got …

Kat Saul’s Middle Name

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Kat Saul’s voice is moody and sultry all in one. Her latest, “Middle Name” is about reaching a new level with a significant other in an emotional sense. It’s catchy and just in time for your Valentine’s Day soundtrack. Seriously, it was so refreshing to speak with Kat and talk about this single.