Jamie N Commons Isn’t Letting Go

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Jamie N Commons has the most soulful and full voice. His latest single, “Won’t Let Go” is a breath of fresh air and he’s just finished wrapping up opening for Jacob Banks. Jamie’s been on several radars over the years, and we cannot wait to see what he’s got planned for us this year. Until now, just watch his video for “Won’t Let Go” to hold you over.

Jamie, tell me how you dove into music and how you composed such catchy contemporary pop songs?

Jamie: Well I wanted to do Physics but even though I tried really hard I ended up getting terrible grades. At the same time I wasn’t trying in music and top of my class so there seemed only one thing to do.  I’m glad I found what I wanted to do early though. I listen to a lot of older music as well as a lot of pop, I think the wider spectrum you listen to the more inspiration you can pull on when writing.

Tell me about "Won't Let Go" and what was the inspiration/meaning behind the song?

Jamie: I was actually watching Titanic the day before a writing session, and that line “I’ll never let go Jack” stuck in my head. We wrote a cool melody the next day and the sentiment just kind of fit!

What are you most excited about this year?

Jamie: Just getting this new music out! Seeing how people like it!

Will you do a solo tour after this leg with Jacob?

Jamie: Hopefully! It’s been really enjoyable getting out here and playing for people again.  Can’t wait to do it again.

Any hurdles you've faced in the music industry?

Jamie: You’ve got to drive yourself, no one’s gonna do it for you.

For anyone who hasn't heard you before, what would you say your music is like?

Jamie: I’d say to me everything I write starts from the blues, maybe it doesn’t always turn out blues but the soul and emotion of that genre is where I try to write from, it’s what excites me.

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