Jess Kent Takes Us Beyond The Barricade

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We all wish we were best friends with Jess Kent. Seriously, she is the coolest girl ever. She takes us Beyond the Barricade before her show in Denver, Colorado.

The camera follows her as she shops for records. Kent grew up in England and she was highly influenced by British classics. She shows off a gorgeous “Abbey Road” record, but she was always drawn to the badass ladies. She says, “I always try to find the cross section of chicks that are rock ‘n’ roll and just killing it, with people that would play guitar and write melodies.”

We also see her prep for her show and discuss her stage setup. Kent is a self-taught producer and her equipment shows that. She combines vulnerable songwriting with a knack for incorporating electronic elements. Kent has opened for Hayley Kiyoko and Coldplay and she’s definitely making a name for herself.

Her song “Girl” talks about the societal expectations that are put on women. She sings, “Tell me, are you in love? They say that's the only way you'll be enough. Sell me, like I'm a drug. 'Cause apparently I'm only here to get you up.” That kind of perspective and boldness sets Kent apart.

This original series is produced by UMUSIC Experience, the college and lifestyle marketing division of Universal Music Group. This episode of Beyond the Barricade was shot and edited by UMUSIC Experience content rep Bailey Miclette.

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