Keeping It Simple With Sam Fischer

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I adore Sam Fischer’s music so from one Sam to another, this interview was especially memorable. We talked about teens reminiscing about “The City'' and his latest single, “Simple.” We’re so ready to see more of him this year and hopefully in real life, too! Check out our interview below. 

Sam, so great to talk to you! I’d love for you to tell us about the inspiration behind "Simple."

Sam: I wrote “Simple” after a fight in the middle of the pandemic when it felt like everyone was struggling to understand what life was. Relationships go through peaks and valleys in normal times and this past year has been a real test for all of us. It’s hard to be there for someone when you’re struggling to be there for yourself but I’m lucky to be in a relationship worth fighting for and to be with someone who always wants to get back to a simpler time and a simpler love. 

Because it is such a relationship-driven song, what's your best piece of relationship advice?

Sam: Communication is key! Without communication how can you trust someone? Also, talk always brings what you’re going to do for dinner in the morning, gives the full day to decide for both of you, it’s less stressful that way. 

Your track, "This City" has gotten a resurgence with Gen Z on TikTok. Tell us about that track and what that means to you now?

Sam: I don’t know why people started using This City on TikTok, there’s never been any trend or dance or filter or anything fluid to it so it means a lot that people use it for any moment they want to remember. It’s the song that changed my life and continues to introduce me to fans all around the world. I can’t wait to tour just so we can all sing every single word together.

You've collaborated with some talented people. Is there someone on your list you want to collab with?

Sam: There are allllways artists, writers, producers I want to collaborate with. I’ve been raging on Jazmine Sullivan’s Heaux Tales since it came out so that would be a dream, though she’d sing me out of my own house, lets be honest. Also, if Ed Sheeran wants to collab in any way at all, whether on a song, having me make coffee, babysit, whatever he wants, I’m there.

How has this era of music differed from the last?

Sam: This era of music that I’m starting right now has taken a solid journey from the start of the pandemic till now. I’ve found my sonic identity and really what I want to express on this album I’m working on. It’s not all guitar/piano vocal, it has tons of personality in the production and a lot of honesty and soul in it.

What are you most excited for?

Sam: Tour, Tour & Tour. I don’t want to see the inside of my apartment for as long as possible.

What's next?

Sam: Tour!! My first show back is going to be on a floating stage against the backdrop of the Alps in Geneva, Switzerland at the Montreux Jazz Festival SO let’s just say I’m keen to get going!

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