Landalin Releases Nostalgic Visual For “Fear and Loathin”

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Emerging rapper Landalin channels his inner Raoul Duke from the 1998 cult classic, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for his latest music video release. “Fear & Loathin” is the second single from his recent EP, Cavity. The accompanying video pays homage to the psychedelic film and highlights the rapper’s eccentric style.

Capitalizing on director Mowjoe Productions' high quality visuals, “Fear & Loathin” is brought to life with the use of dark ambience and colorful lights. The beat has a classic rock undertone with a hip hop spin. Landalin’s fast paced and enunciated bars effortlessly hover over the beat. This track boasts gritty jabs and maintains a high speed alluding to the trippy theme of the video. The ending drum solo closes out the song and acts as the backdrop for a minimalist view of the rapper in a field with the drummer. The aesthetic is dark and ominous with a hallucinogenic multicolored flair.

Landalin has showcased his creative vision in previous videos and this visual is no different. Even as an up and coming artist, his projects are always curated to align with his image and brand. He continues to shout out his roots in Columbia, Missouri. His dynamic Midwest sound has layers of influence, ranging from subtle aspects of west coast rap and east coast grit. “Fear & Loathin” highlights Landalin’s originality and the loose depiction of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a visually appealing touch.

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