LANY: mama’s boy Track-By-Track Review

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I talk about this night a lot, but I first saw LANY in a room of under 100 people. I had heard about three of their songs before taking a chance to cover them, and it's one of my top musical highlights. I remember being immersed in the room with fans of all walks of life and it was just energetic. 

Since that night, I attended three more shows not including their Coachella set. Paul, Les and Jake are the boys next store and the boys you grew up with. I was able to meet them at their Malibu Nights popup and getting to speak to various fans in line is a memory I will not forget. 

With two full albums under their belt, their third is reminiscent of their older music. Trust me, I love all of their music, but I think early on we all knew this album was going to take you back to their roots and how they started as a group. 

  1. you! - It took several listens, but I feel that this track is a note to the band’s longtime fans throughout the years. I’m not even counting myself in this narrative. I’ve met fans who love the group so much and it’s incredible to see. It’s the group saying they’re nothing without “you!” the fans. 
  1. cowboy in LA - I think it’s worth noting that even though LANY created their name as a connection between Los Angeles and New York, they’re all very much from the south and this plays homage to Paul’s Oklahoma upbringing. 
  1. heart won’t let me - Is it a LANY album without a song about heartbreak? The pulsating drums is the consistent anxiety you feel when you’re trying to end things with someone you know isn’t good for you, but you just can’t. You can hear the pleading in Paul’s voice of trying to shake the emotions and he just can’t. 
  1. if this is the last time - When this track first dropped, I immediately started crying. I’m sure it wasn’t intended to be a pandemic song, but living over 1,600 miles away from my family created a wave of emotions for me. 
  1. i still talk to jesus - Growing up in the south, I resonate with Paul’s story in this track. You grow up constantly hearing that you shouldn’t drink, smoke or do anything out of line or you won’t get into heaven. This is the subtle, “I’m still a Christian.” 
  1. paper - I actually have someone from my past where I tell a story of how on paper we would have been compatible, until we weren’t. It’s one of those things where your friends tell you you’re perfect for each other, but peeling back the layers, it will never work and you bring out the worst in one another. 
  1. good guys - The guys used this as their lead single and you knew the vibe of this album was going to be different. The boys make nods to various references to their Oklahoma upbringing and roots of being your stereotypical southern gentlemen. 
  1. sharing you - If there was ever a song that could depict my feelings, this would be it. I am the worst at jealousy and containing emotions from reality. When I care, I’ve realized I care so deeply and it’s hard when the other person isn’t as invested as you are. 
  1. bad news - I think this track is pretty self explanatory. It’s the bad boy persona Paul’s appearance encapsulates, but once you get to know him, he’s just a normal softie. 
  1. when you’re drunk - We’ve all experienced this. When you want someone so badly, and yet they only seem to reciprocate when they’re under the influence. 
  1. anything 4 u - I don’t think I have ever felt some type of way for a LANY love song since 4EVER! Paul is the biggest sap and this song is just the puppy dog eyes emoji. 
  1. sad - Of course we are not done with the album without another break up track. I think we’ve all felt this feeling. When the other party is doing better and you want them to somehow feel as sad as you. 
  1. (what i wish just one person would say to me) - LANY continuously creates songs that provide a bit of nostalgia, and this track provides just that. 
  1. nobody else - LA can feel so lonely and this song encompasses that feeling of finding that missing person in the huge city. This is the purest love song Paul has created. 

    I’ll always credit my friend Wade for introducing me to this group and I am so glad he did. Anyway, go stream Mama’s Boy!

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