New Music Sunday: June 20th 2021

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Zella Day’s new song “Girls” is exactly what we all need, a celebration of the women in our lives. She says, “In most instances, over the past few years it’s been my friends that I’ve drawn the most inspiration. The most beautiful and wild creatures on the West Coast. These girls in their purple tights and sports cars, heart-shaped lipped …

LANY: mama’s boy Track-By-Track Review

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I talk about this night a lot, but I first saw LANY in a room of under 100 people. I had heard about three of their songs before taking a chance to cover them, and it’s one of my top musical highlights. I remember being immersed in the room with fans of all walks of life and it was just …

Riah: Heartbreak Magic In LA

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Riah was a tiny figure all in purple at The Shrine Auditorium. She was opening for LANY and the packed house sang her lyrics back to her. That same day Riah dropped her debut EP ‘Heartbreak Magic’ a five-track wonderland filled with intricate dreamscapes and an undeniable honesty that cuts to the bone. She’s had a whirlwind of attention surrounding …

LANY Pop-Up X Malibu Nights Release

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A little over two years ago, I had a friend send me a LANY’s “current location” because I was venting about a particular situation in my life and somehow this was the perfect song to get me through the summer. Since then, my love for this band has only grown and watching them sell two nights in a row in their hometown of Los Angeles has been the greatest thing.

Why You Need To Pay Attention To Dagny

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Dagny is on a roll right now, the Norwegian pop star just opened for LANY and she’s been dropping new songs like nobodies business. A soon as she burst onto the stage at Emo’s in Austin she was all energy and smiles and she rolled through tracks like “Backbeat” from her Ultraviolet EP, her smash hit “Wearing Nothing” and teased some new songs that I can’t wait for, notably, “Bullet”.

LANY’s Debut Album Is Sheer Perfection

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Sam: I have to credit my two friends, Wade and Trey, for convincing me to listen to Los Angeles-based trio, LANY. LANY’s songs are exactly what you would imagine California is like. No matter where you see them perform, you’re instantly transported to the west coast. My first LANY experience was intimate, lustful, and just real. Paul Klein’s presence, with Jake Goss drumming and Les Priest providing synth beats, created one of the most personable performances I’ve witnessed. Not to mention each lyric that echoes from Paul is ridiculously relatable.

LANY: The Kinda Tour

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Ever discover a band and you wish you were the only one who knew they existed? That’s kinda how I felt about the Los Angeles based trio, LANY (pronounced lay-nee for those who didn’t know). The trio is made up of Paul Klein, Lee Priest, and Jake Gross and they were the focal point of my summer soundtrack. The guys made a stop in Memphis, Tennessee during their tour, so of course I had to go. They played at the 1884 Lounge at Minglewood Hall and had a very intimate show. Klein, the frontman of the group, even made a point to bring up how lucky they were to play in a small city such as Memphis.