Katey Brooks On Cults and Coming-Out

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Katey Brooks has a dreamy voice and it’s clear that she feels every word she sings, the best artists write from experience and it’s a rare artist that has experience like Katey. She grew up in a cult and found refuge in songwriting.  She says, “It was definitely different, although to me and my sisters it wasn’t different at all.Coming …

New Music Alert: OcnSide

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OcnSide is a soulful duo who’s making waves in the last month. Their single, “Bless Your Soul” is uplifting and the most wonderful track to enjoy with your morning cup of coffee. I spoke with the group about their music, inspiration and what’s next.

Heather Morgan’s Borrowed Heart

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Heather Morgan had a pretty traditional start, she grew up playing open mic nights and had a band in college, but her impressive songwriting catalog really gives her an edge. She’s worked for all the big shots in country music but now she’s breaking out on her own. She has a ton of passion and ambition and she made it clear that country needs to make more room for female artists. She spoke to us about her new album and why she’ll always call Texas home.

H Kenneth: There Is Beauty In Imperfection

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H Kenneth is a new artist I’ve been introduced to that I just completely admire. He created this album off of inspiration from his own life. The botched chords, wrong notes, timing errors are real sounds from everyday life like the trains, sirens, and jangling dog collars. He’s very open with his audience and is transparent about his bipolar disorder because he wants to show that there is beauty in imperfection and neuro divergence. “This Is A Journal” is an ode to all of that.