New Music Alert: Anacarina’s “Grave”

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We are so excited to premiere Anacarina’s latest single, “Grave.” This track is about the ups and downs that come along with being in love. It’s about feeling that strong desire, doubting your judgment, feeling shame and insecurity. 

She tells us, "[Grave is] A song about being in love with someone, feeling that strong desire, and not believing/ having little faith in the success of that connection. Doubting your judgement. Feeling shame and insecurity. Grieving and desperate longing."

“This song was written from a place of rage. The point of view of me trying to understand why someone, who claimed to love me, would take actions that were in contradiction. I have since come to understand that how people treat others is a lot more about themselves than anything else. The only thing we have control over is ourselves. We are at our best when we approach life and others from a place of love, appreciation, support, but we do not control how others will interpret, perceive, and ultimately react. There is not a vocal filter in the chorus or bridge; it is vocal inflection."

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