New Music Alert: Chris Jobe

emilytreadgold #2, Premiere

Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist, Chris Jobe, is insanely talented. On top of playing his own music, he writes and produces his art. His single, “Cry” is vulnerable and a look into his own head and thoughts.

He tells me, "At times, I feel so bogged down with noise from social comparisons, stereotypes, and the weird gender roles that come with them, it can be really hard to feel like myself or even feel at all. The day I wrote ‘Cry' with my friend Anna, all I wanted to do was actually cry and feel that release, but I couldn’t, so we did the next best thing and wrote a song about it."

"Behind the scenes, I've had my fair share of fights with anxiety and depression since I was 18. I hold back tears and show little emotion in these battles. To me, crying seems like defeat, and the way that society views crying doesn’t help that feeling. I always think, 'I'm supposed to be happy.’ So, with the help of my friend Anna Graceman, I wrote and produced a song that had the emotions I wanted to feel so bad, but wouldn’t let myself have."

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