New Music Alert: DEVMO’s Running Home

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DEVMO's music is completely original, everything from her bold style to her music just screams her fearless personality. Her new song "Running Home" with FLAVIA has a sweet sentiment but with lyrics that hit hard. We talked to the up-and-coming artist about the new song and why no industry should be "male-dominated" at this point.

Tell me about your new song “Running Home” what’s the story behind it?

DEVMO: I wrote this song when I was happily in love with my ex. Home is more than just a place. Home is where you feel loved and comfortable. My ex was home to me and every time I left for work or went out to see family and friends, I couldn't wait to get back home to my person. Being in love happens in the little moments. Waking up next to your partner, making them coffee, cooking with them, brushing your teeth while your partner is showering, or doing laundry together. Home is where love happens and when you have that, you run home!

I love that home isn’t a place but a feeling, what else has been inspiring you lately? 

DEVMO:This is actually quite an old song for me now, as I wrote it about a year ago. That's the funny thing about being an artist, or at least for me. I can't seem to release anything quickly lol. Lately my biggest inspiration was moving to Chicago for six months to get over a break up during the summer. I just recently moved back to Los Angeles and it's inspiring me as well. It's so nice to be back in the neighborhood I went to high school in. The weather, the people, I can appreciate it again because I'm healed from my break up. But it's funny because this song actually makes me want to find love again. I was so happy and in love when I wrote it. I miss that feeling.

Tell me how you met FLAVIA! What made you two want to collab, especially on this song?

DEVMO: FLAVIA and I met through a mutual friend at one of her shows. She played a song called "Blue Eyes" and had these beautiful visuals projected on the wall behind her and I was captivated by the words and the emotions. I introduced myself right away. I'm really happy we've become good friends and after a couple years of sending music opportunities each others way, we finally found the time to collaborate. I'm awed by her drive and talent and am really looking forward to seeing what she does next!

Why is it so important to work with other women in music?

DEVMO: It's important to create space for women in music so we don't feel the need to knock each other down for our small sliver of the pie. Supporting each other is vital to our come up in this industry. We can't wait for men to give us our opportunities we have to get them ourselves and then help out other women as much as possible once we have the leverage. There's no reason why any industry should be "male dominated" at this point in herstory. 

What’s one of the most important lessons you’ve learned in your career so far?

DEVMO:  I've learned that if I work hard at what I love I will get better at it, that there are no short cuts to success, and that my mental health and well being should always come first.

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