New Music Alert: Greg Cox and A$H.’s “All Alone”

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Grammy-award winning artist Greg Cox teamed up with one of our fav indie voices, A$H., for one of the saddest but dreamiest songs this summer. “All Alone” starts with sweeping strings moving into a sultry beat. “I laugh so hard I cry a bit, all alone,” Cox sings over the dynamic arrangement. The perfect song for sitting in your apartment thinking about your ex that you can’t seem to shake, maybe you could never get the timing right. It’s such an interesting composition and shows the depth of both artist’s talents.

A$H.’s vocals really bring this home for me; the two mesh so well together. When she sings, “We just go back and forth, babe” has been stuck in my head on loop all day. It just hits you so hard. This song has staying power. Towards the end, we see both sides coming together, “Let’s make this forever, baby; you’ll always be mine.” Showing those different perspectives is a beautiful way to structure a song, and that ending, kind of makes us feel less alone.

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Emily Treadgold

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