New Music Alert: Stephanie Rice’s Debut Single Let Me Go

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Stephanie Rice is raw, talented, and simply amazing. I spoke to the former Voice contestant about life, science, and her new single “Let Me Go” is a preview of her life thus far. Check out our in-depth interview and listen to her debut single now.

First things first, how was your experience on The Voice?
It was overwhelmingly positive. I ended up going a lot further than I thought and it was the best experience of my life thanks to Gwen (Stefani) and Alicia (Keys).

In terms of the single, did any of your personal experiences play a part for “Let Me Go?”
Definitely. I was really truthful with this song. It was hard, but after my personal experiences I wanted to be more honest and dig deeper. It was a little uncomfortable, but you can tell with the end product, it’s the most emotional song I’ve written. I dove into insecurities that I had from being rejected. I was inspired to speak openly about it, address it, and put it out there.

You talk about being rejected, and honestly, that’s just so brave of you and I admire you so much for it. How did this affect your songwriting?
The way I see it, it was like this mountain I kept climbing. I’ve finally reached the top with the sense that I have a few scars, but I’m okay. Music has always been something I’ve leaned on to help me and that inspired me to help others.

Okay, we can’t keep it a secret. You’ve got to tell us about how you graduated WITH HONORS while pursuing a music career.
My education was all I had at the time so it kept me going. I knew if I got a degree I could become someone.

Even more impressive, you did HIV research and it was published in a journal!
It was a balancing act, and I still very much want to research. It was so cool because I was in a lab of 3 people who focused on studies on those who were HIV positive. I really wanted to help the earth and it was amazing to be apart of this project.

Back to your songs, when it comes to writing music, what’s your process like?
Every song is different. The ones that move me are the ones I don’t plan. It’s like my emotion is water boiling in a pot. When the water is about to spill over – that’s the point where I go to a piano or pick up a guitar.

Who inspires you as a musician?
Coldplay, definitely. They’ve stuck with me and they’re my favorite band. Imogen Heap, too. I low how lyrically raw Adele is. And of course, Alicia Keys.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten?
Alicia told us before going stage that we’re human beings, not human doings. Just be who you are and be okay with that. You don’t have to try. Just be natural.

Any advice for our readers?
I keep thinking about my Voice audition and if I didn’t try again. I would say don’t ever give up and keep trying. Keep working at your craft. The dedication will pay off.

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