New Music Friday: April 12 2019

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We are stoked Hey Violet is back with a new song and gorgeous new video.

“Better By Myself” captures the duality inherent in feeling invincible in solitude because you don’t need anyone, but recognizing that perhaps being totally alone isn’t necessarily the best path forward. “It’s about being in an unhealthy relationship and having the courage to leave, but realizing maybe you’re isolating a little much,” says Hey Violet frontwoman Rena Lovelis. “I think we need to fall in love with ourselves before we fall in love with anybody else and that’s why the song sounds so celebratory. It’s about finding that happy medium between ‘I don’t need anyone,’ which tends to be a defense mechanism, and being truly okay with yourself.”

Ellie Goulding has such a distinctive voice and style. Her latest, "Sixteen" features her heartbreaking voice over a sparse beat. She sings, "Time/ Suddenly we got no time. We’re so busying doing life/ That I miss your eyes on mine."

She said, “I’m so excited to share ‘Sixteen’ with everyone. That age was such a pivotal year for me in many ways and this song is so close to my heart. It takes me back to the reckless days of being a teenager and I hope it reminds us all about the innocence of youth.”

My FAVORITE type of music is "happy song, sad lyrics" and Violet Days always has that slightly haunting sound. Lina's delicate vocals make it seem cute but it's really kind of sad and that's what makes them one of my favorites.

Their latest "Afterparty" is about the feeling of loneliness that sets in after a party and you're by yourself and that high goes away.

Lina told Vents,“I wanted to write about this feeling when there is no way to escape your thoughts of feeling alone, I think a lot of people struggle with that sometimes but we don´t talk so much about it. ‘Afterparty’ is a typical moment that brings that feeling out, the contrast of having a lot of people around you at one second, and the next one they´re gone. It´s just bittersweet. It´s a dialog with myself trying to get better at being alone.”

EBEN is on a roll. Fresh off the releases of Next Ex” and “Nights Like This," he hits us with another jam, "You're The One."

He told his social fans, “You The One just dropped!!!! I love this one, hope you do too.”

The song is summer-pop perfection with sentimental lyrics and stellar production. It's very much a modern day love song, he sings, "Wouldn't trade you for another, been through all the others, you know that they ain't gonna love me the way that you love me."

Women in country pop are giving me life right now. I think it's about finding that perfect in-between and Abi does that wonderfully. Her new song "Boomerang" is sweet and catchy.

She posted on social, "Boomerang is OUT NOW!‬ Thank you for all the love, it gives me wings." 

The up-and-coming artist isn't just known for her relatable music but also for her INSANE fashion. I am seriously scrolling through her Instagram account and I'm so jealous.

I relate strongly to this song. 90's Kids just dropped "Slow Motion" and it's brimming with summer nostalgia and young love.

They told us, "The idea for "Slow Motion" actually came from a movie I was watching on a sleepless night. I turned on this movie "Hot Summer Nights" because it looked like it had this cool, '80s/'90s nostalgic vibe to it. The movie absolutely blew me away, and did such a good job capturing that youthful, eclectic '90s romance and rebellion kind of feel to it. This one particular scene where the guy and the girl drive out into a corn field and make out in their car, I just thought it was done so well. It sparked the idea of that passionate, rebellious love that we experience when we're teenagers."

Maisie Peters has become my go-to for super sad music. Her latest, "Favourite Ex" immediately caught my attention. Her voice is just so precious.

She told Line of Best Fit,  "I love songs that feel emotionally expansive, and to me "Favourite Ex" holds so many different feelings – love, sadness, regret, gratitude, longing and perspective. The phrase 'Favourite Ex' was something my sister’s ex-boyfriend said to her on a night out that stuck with me, I just thought it was such an interesting contradiction and so I have him to thank for the title."

“Waiting Tables” may be the most exciting journey of a release the duo have been a part of. After declining offers from several other artists that were interested in recording the track, Justin & Slavo opted to hold on to it and wait for the right time to release it independently. Since writing & producing it in 2017, the track has taken on over 11 different versions.

“‘WaitingTables’ is a complete departure from the romantic narrative we wrote about on our last album,” vocalist Justin Bryte explains. “It’s us being a bit self aware of how much patience goes into making music independently, and how it’s not always the easiest.”

“It wasn’t easy to write either,” Slavo continues. “Justin & I rarely have a hard time making music together, but this pushed our comfortability. At one point we asked ourselves are we even able to write a song that isn’t about romance?”

I forgot to include this last week because I was so busy looping in constantly. The song is very dreamy 80s.

Hatchie explains, “‘Stay With Me’ was written as a writing exercise in an effort to step away from my usual style into something more fun and dancey. We originally wrote it with someone else in mind, but realized it was the perfect fit for my album as I wanted to expand into a different sound,” she added. “It became one of my favourite songs on the record because I’m a sucker for crying-in-the-club tracks.”