New Music Friday: April 26 2019

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The new Taylor era has arrived and it's all pastel and Brendon Urie.

Our resident Taylor expert Samantha Fong says, "Everything orbiting Taylor has the appearance of being nothing more than an extension of her as a person. It’s all so carefully crafted, designed, and implemented that it feels seamless. The music, the tours, the appearances, and all her social media feels like it’s Taylor herself. It’s like we get a look into her personal life. With this era, it seems more open than usual. Coming off the iHeartRadio awards, I was able to get a glimpse of her fan interactions. Being just inches away from me, I couldn’t help but notice she was glowing. Seriously, it wasn’t just the highlighter. I’ve watched Taylor for the last 13 years, and it’s just so heartwarming to see her truly happy in her own skin."

Today, FLETCHER unleashed a new song, “If You’re Gonna Lie,” with an accompanying visualizer, which picks up where the clip for her breakout single “Undrunk” left off. FLETCHER’s tale of first love – and first betrayals – continues to unfold.

The lyrics are sharp, she sings, "I poured you a glass of wine and drank it for the second time./Then 7pm turned to 10/I'm still alone and my lips are red/But not in a good way/And you're about to walk in that door and say some shit you said before/You're getting so repetitive/I'm finishing your sentences/But not in a good way."

Carlie Hanson is one of our fav up-and-comers right now. She’s opened for Troye Sivan and now she’s on tour with Bad Suns. Her attitude is everything and her new song “Back In My Arms” is a jam and a half.

She says, “‘Back In My Arms’ is a song about my first romantic relationship with a girl. I wrote it about the feeling of intoxication and infatuation during a new relationship.”

After teasing fans with a new era of music to come, Kim Petras has released her latest single "Broken" - a track that blends her trademark pop with modern hip-hop and nostalgic R&B, giving us the first taste of Kim's next musical chapter.

She told fans on Instagram, "This song means everything to me , I hope you bunheads love it as much as me . So happy it’s finally yours." 

The new Kim Petras era is here.

Oooo we love a breakup song, and we can't think of a better collab than LANY and Julia Michaels to make it happen. We're both aware of their mutual heartbreaks and Julia Michaels just knows how to hit hard with lyrics.

She sings, "I bought that pillow on the couch 'cause it reminded/ Me of the colors on your wall I thought you’d like it/I don't want this to be my last time in this apartment/You took a day and made some space for me to move in/Said I could take the bottom drawer so that's what I did/You told me I was all you want so now what’s changed it?"

Aly & Aj are back with their new song "Don't Go Changing." The duo's penchant for shimmering 80s-inspired synths and pounding drum beats remains intact on 'Don't Go Changing,' an empowering love song that serves as the second taste of Sanctuary, the forthcoming EP from iconic sisters Aly & AJ that goes against the current of pop.

G Flip just dropped her new self-empowerment anthem "I Am Not Afraid" and we love the badass vibe.

G Flip told Vents Magazine: “Everyone has roadblocks in life, tough situations that are hard to get through and the only way to overcome them are to say “I Am Not Afraid”. Whether it’s getting out of a toxic relationship, coming out to your family or getting bullied. Life throws shit at you and you have to be brave. You have to stand tall and rise above it.”

Vaeda Black is back with another dose of edgy pop. Her new song "Run Fast" features her languid vocals and spacey sounds.

She says, "Run fast is a song about nightlife and the things we do to forget. The inspiration for this song came from my experience at parties. I am a friendly person, but I like to sit back and observe the night sometimes. I noticed that these nights are like a “game” in a sense. We put all of our energy into numbing ourselves. Whether it’s drinking, smoking yourself to an oblivion or hooking up with someone, it’s a way to forget and feel free. I think the song perfectly encapsulates that “I'm gonna do what I want and I don’t care about the consequences” attitude. "

"Baby I ain't heartless / I just learned to use my heart less" is the ongoing theme of the new YVR song packed with shimmery vibes and it's clear why it's the opener for their new EP Night Days.

Jenáe told Line of Best Fit"There are endless distractions during the day which is why our creative minds peak at night. Night Days is a collection of six songs that focuses on personal relationships and life experience. We poured ourselves into every lyric, melody and sound."

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