New Music Friday: April 5 2019

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22-year old pop provocateur and buzzing starlet GIA WOODS releases her new single entitled“Keep On Coming.”

In between sensual synths and moody production, the track highlights her dynamic range, which slips from just above a whisper to a climactic chant. Sonically, it borders on sparse nocturnal electro and slick, yet sharply subversive pop. This intimate and infectious anthem represents the songstress at the height of her seductive powers.

Of the song, she comments,“It’s about someone’s body that ‘keeps coming’—meaningI’ve never met this person, but for some reason, I’m supposed to know them. I feel like somehow life relentlessly finds a way to make paths keep crossing. This is the realization whether or not you want to meet the person, it’s inevitable.”

Wilsn is someone to watch. Her new song "Home" is a medley of soul, jazz, and pop. The song is the very first taste of music to come following "Do This" which launched just ahead of the new year as a middle finger to the industry and those who advised her to mold into the mainstream.

She said, "This was written in Nashville with friend and bandmate Jon Upton. Jon came up with the piano hook and showed it to me one day then Stephen Mowat added a beat and some other production. At the time I was living in Nashville and feeling super homesick, kind of lost and a bit dejected, so I wasn't really in the mood to write to such a happy sounding track. The song sat like that without lyrics or a melody for nearly 6 months... until one day I realized I should just write about exactly that! We tracked some more instrumentation at The Smoakstack Studios in Nashville with Jon and some other amazing players including bass player Adam Keafer (Kacey Musgraves) and drummer Jake Finch (Lucy Dacus)."

The new movie Teen Spirit stars Elle Fanning as Violet Valenski, an introverted teen who enters a singing competition. The movie is filled with pop-hits. The new song "Wildflowers" was written by Carly Rae Jepsen and Jack Antonoff, so we had to listen.

Jepsen told Billboard, “The song is about breaking free from a bad relationship. I had looked to place it on my last album [Emotion], but it never quite fit. I love Elle singing this -- she gave new meaning to it.”

CYN is back with "Terrible Ideas." Her trademark light and airy vocals skitter over a bed of dark and layered production, enveloped in heavy percussive elements, almost certainly guaranteed to raise a little hell. With a rousing, hands-in-the-air chorus, and sharp, pointed lyrics like, “I feel so alive, want you faster on the 405. Not scared to die. We get off on all these terrible ideas.” This is, quite literally CYN like you’ve never heard her before.

On her latest release CYN reveals, “Terrible Ideas is about getting involved with another person dangerously quick and loving every second of it.” She continues. “This song sounds different than anything else I’ve released because I continue to be confident enough to write things that are true to me in the moment, from the lyrics to the production.”

Maggie Lindemann just creates our fav dark pop. Her new song “Friends Go” is a bold new direction musically for Maggie as it portrays a more aggressive form of pop that channels 90’s era No Doubt.

Lyrically it explores a topic that the social media generation who has embraced her as an influential force will find very relatable. It tackles the feeling of being disconnected from your loved ones at a time in which technology has made people closer than ever before.

Leon Else's new song "Change Up" is his first time sharing new music in over a year and reflects his new style and sound. “Change Up” tells the story of a relationship that comes to an abrupt halt and was largely influenced by Leon’s personal life. The song serves as a milestone for Leon as “Change Up”  is genuinely and authentically himself.

On the inspiration behind “Change Up” and his first release as an independent artist, Leon shares,

“Today is the day I’m releasing the first song of my new journey in music as an independent artist. For 27 years, I struggled with my mental health and my sexuality in silence. With the support of the most amazing community of friends, I received the help I desperately needed and found the strength within myself to continue on. I began creating music from a place of pure unfiltered emotion for the first time in my life. “Change Up” was a first step in processing an end to a relationship that consumed me.It’s provided me with a sense of healing and I hope it does the same to others who need it. This is just the beginning of my story as I will continue to share my own personal battles and experiences. I invite you on this journey with me as we open up a vulnerable conversation about the things we internalize. More to come..”

MAX just dropped his highly-anticipated new song "Love Me Less" featuring Quinn XCII. Produced by Roget Chahayed (Travis Scott, Halsey, Calvin Harris) and Imad Royal (The Chainsmokers), the track is a true pop hit that combines the singer-songwriter’s unparalleled vocal range with his signature passionate delivery.

“I’m so excited to release this evolution in my sound and introduce a bright electrifying new yellow era with “Love Me Less”, said MAX about the song. “It is the raw and honest follow up of how love unfolds after “Lights Down Low”.

MAX is fresh off his nomination for Best New Pop Artist at the iHeart Music Awards and is currently prepping his sophomore record & a world tour for later this year.