New Music Friday: February 15 2019

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Lizzo has really hit her stride this year. She's been performing "Juice" nonstop and the funky, disco track has garnered her the attention she deserves. She just dropped the title track off of her upcoming album "Cuz I Love You" and it's a completely different vibe. It's an old-school glamorous ballad that shows off Lizzo's insane vocal range. It's emotional and biting and builds to an intense ending. Lizzo is definitely not messing around this year, she's going for it and this is going to kill when it's performed live.

Maintaining a rush of momentum from critical acclaim, rising streams, and a growing profile, CXLOE uncovers her new single “I Can’t Have Nice Things” today. The Sydney-born dark-pop songstress exclusively debuted the track via Billboard. A danceable bass line, neon synths, and finger-snaps reverberate beneath her breathy vocals on the track. It ultimately slips into the hashtaggable and catchy refrain, “I can’t have nice things.” Penned by Oskar Sikow, CXLOE, and J Kash [Maroon 5, Charlie Puth] the track spotlights her emotionally charged lyricism and dynamic vocals over production from Oscar Sikow and Andrew Wells [Meghan Trainor].

“‘I Can’t Have Nice Things’ is an unfortunate mantra I’ve found myself living by,” CXLOE admits. “I wrote it right after ‘Show You’. It feels like the perfect follow-up as it shows the consequences of my impulsive actions. I drew a lot of melodic inspiration from Joni Mitchell. You could say it’s my inner child speaking through my adult self. When I was younger, I’d always end up dropping or damaging precious or breakable items. Now, I always seem to find a way to sabotage things that mean the most to me like relationships, family, friends, and career. It’s a valuable lesson that I can’t have nice things.”

LA native indie-pop singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chandler Juliet is back with third offering “gravitational,” a fun and upbeat pop track with undeniable groove that immediately pulls you in. Serving as Chandler’s 3rd release from her forthcoming 4-song concept and visual EP, elements, (due out March 22nd) of which each song is loosely themed around each of the four elements: fire, water, earth, and air.

This “earth” section of the EP, entitled “gravitational,” reveals a fun and upbeat new side to the multi-faceted artist and musician. This intriguing track showcases Chandler’s powerhouse vocals, bold and sassy personality, and versatility in sound and gifted songwriting ability.  Through her unique melodies over infections beats and rhythms, “gravitational” shares a light hearted and youthful perspective on unrequited love and getting caught in someone’s “orbit.”

With early comparisons to Lana Del Rey to collaborating with numerous diverse acts such as Rico Nasty, Quinn XCII, ELOHIM, and Jesse Rutherford it’s easy to see that Yoshi’s music is truly unable to fit into one category of music. In addition to his collaborations, Yoshi has recently opened for blackbear, Dua Lipa, and DJ/producers SG Lewis, and Whethan. His eclectic music style effortlessly blends electronic-pop and hip hop, whilst perfectly showcasing the contrast of his bold lyrics and sweet voice.

Yoshi says, “Dirty Water, love and liquor, dependency, hope. I don't remember writing the song, but I do know these methods of filling some void informed the creation. We're all like fish swimming along in schools or all alone, as the water gets murkier and the screens get clearer.”

Rising star Tommy Genesis debuts a new song “I’m Yours” today! The song is the first new offering from Genesis since releasing her critically acclaimed self-titled debut album.

“I wanted to release something cute for Valentine’s Day,” says Genesis of the song. “This song is for my fans to enjoy before I begin my God Is Wild Tour!

Ginesse has created a unique sound that’s not wholly mainstream but still irresistibly catchy. Through edgy effects and atypical tones, her vibe delivers a more modern version, highlighting a spirited voice filled with raw fervor and subtle soul on every one her songs.

Before becoming Ginesse, its creator was enveloped in anxiety. Her constant struggle for an authentic identity involved experimental fashion, revolving hair colors, and drastic diets. She drowned in self-doubt, until a pattern emerged.

She says, "Throughout my life whenever I get too caught up in what everyone else around me is up to, my Mom always says to me 'It’s all just noise'. That’s always been something that stuck with me. Whenever I’m my most depressed I get too focused on social media and it drives me crazy. ‘Noise’ was inspired by the mix of depression and overstimulation. Those periods in life where I find myself obsessed with self-help books, finding reason to avoid going outside, and postmates. 'It’s all just noise'. It’s been a mantra I’ve repeated to myself in traffic to avoid going insane. There are so many talented people in a small but huge city. Every one of us is trying to find a way to shine through the shit. I’ve found that can lead me down a dark path, thus the mantra. 'It’s all just noise.'"

Our girl Donna Missal knows Valentine's Day isn't always fun.

She said, "[Valentines Day] can feel isolating for anyone who isn’t in a relationship or at least in a “happy” one. I wanted to put this out today to remind anybody that needs to hear: It’s ok to be alone. Respect yourself enough to get out of something toxic. You can leave if you think you should even if there’s love there. Also a reminder that Valentine’s Day is a fraudulent holiday made up by somebody to sell you shit.”

Nella Cole's new song "Sex in the Room" is a sultry jam perfect for Valentines.

She says, "I was in NY and had some time scheduled in a week or so to go back out to LA and work with Lyre again (we had already worked on one song together). Alina sent me the hook for Sex in the Room and I thought it sounded dope, but I was like OMG I can’t sing this haha. After listening a bunch more times my feelings quickly turned into I HAVE to sing this. I think it's important to do anything that scares you. This song is really putting it all out there and I think its important for women to own that part of themselves in a way thats not doing it for the male gaze, but doing it because its a true feeling. That being said, I think its also ok to feel shy and everything else in between. Some days I’m really out there and some days I’m more introverted with what I’m feeling. This song definitely represents the confident fearless side of myself that wants to push the boundaries. Its kind of scary but super exciting."

Maisie Peters has a voice that's so sweet and gentle it'll break your heart. She's easily one of my favorite writers this year. Her ability to get every detail down about her emotions makes her songs so specific that they're hard to ignore and they hit you that much harder.

She told fans on Twitter, "I wrote it last summer about growing up and being lonely in willsden green chasing my dreams and missing my friends and wanting to make them proud lol hope u guys love it like I do."