New Music Friday: February 22 2019

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FINNEAS is setting himself up for another year of stunning music, starting with the release of his new single "Claudia," available on all streaming platforms today.

Unafraid to be vulnerable, honest, and open, FINNEAS' penned his new single "Claudia" as an ode to his girlfriend, Claudia Sulewski. It's a true story of love at first sight: FINNEAS wrote the first verse the night they met and completed the song over the following two days. "Claudia" is full of rich and pure unadulterated emotion, showcasing FINNEAS' poetic lyricism and fresh, textured production.

Emerging, alt-pop duo, Nightly release a brand new song, “No Call, No Reply,” today on Interscope Records. The ambient tune is the first from Nightly this year – lead singer Jonathan Capeci croons about impatiently waiting to hear back from a loved one, “and now after all this time, would you leave me out to dry, here with nothing”. 

After wrapping up a successful sold out tour supporting rapper, NF, the Nashville-based band is back on the road. They kicked of their headline tour in Charlotte, NC on February 20th and will continue to make stops in major cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, before wrapping up in their hometown, Nashville.

Catch them on tour and get tickets HERE.

The 26-year old Copenhagen-based producer & musician Molina creates elastic and articulate pop music that isn’t afraid to embrace virtues of both experimental music and pop in her songwriting.

On her new single “Venus” a live rhythm section (drums, bass, guitar) merges with Molina’s signature synth-work and layered vocals that are front and center in the mix. The production creates a musical android by humanizing the electronic parts while also manipulating the recorded instruments in a way that resembles synthetic instruments without loosing the organic touch from the performance.

The dark synth- and vocal-based intro sets the tone and builds tension before the slow-paced but powerful beat kicks in. The angelic vocals and wide synthesizers in the chorus forms a redeeming contrast to the darker and more syncopated verse.

Dominique just released "Homesick" and the song is so gorgeous.

She sings, "I know that saying I’m sorry just isn’t enough. And I know that bandaids can’t fix the broken in us. Baby I’m homesick.."

Dominique has such a genuine writing style. She told us in our last interview, "I really try hard to kind of just be myself and believe in myself and not look for validation from other people. Because I think we live in a world where we're constantly seeking validation from social media or people in the industry. And sometimes you just got to be like, ‘You know I love this song and I think other people will love it.’ And just go with it. And I think that confidence just in yourself really speaks louder than anything.”

L.A. songwriter Peter Verdell wants to play power chords. And sing with some fuzz on his vocals. And make music that both his modern brain and his teenage brain would be fucking psyched to hear on the radio. That’s the inspiration behind his new band Forever X2, who’s debut 6-song EP is what you might get if you crossed Blur with Beck and added a dose of millennialism. Verdell wrote all the songs in his apartment in downtown Los Angeles and recorded them in a hot, non-ac’d garage in Silverlake with producers Ari Berl and Yianni AP. Verdell played all the drums, guitars, keys, and vocals, and says about the process, “I wanted the songs to capture how I felt when I first started playing music. Informal and fresh, sweaty and loud.”

“Mad for Me” is about an all-consuming relationship I was in," said Verdell. "it was kind of obnoxious but also kinda beautiful. I don’t know if these kinds of loves ever last long, but I think you gotta ride the highs when you get them. Musically, this song is scrappy as hell. I love the bass groove…I love the guitar solo in the bridge…it’s pure fun.”

"Crave It Still" is the third single off LOYAL's forthcoming EP, following the ambient, Fleetwood Mac-inspired "Patterns That Fall" and "Everything (She)," a disco-house / pop-funk hybrid that glimmers with fresh energy and a hint of nostalgia.

LOYAL say of the song, "Lyrically, 'Crave It Still' started as a poem, a stream of consciousness about craving nothing in particular; maybe a lost love, a drug, a partner you shouldn't be with but can't help going back to. We held the poem in our back-pocket for a while, then eventually fashioned the New York disco sound while we were on our first-ever writing trip to the city itself. We recorded in a beautiful studio tucked away in an industrial park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, alongside some fantastic local writers and musicians. They laid out a killer foundation, all New York, and we built from there."

Doja Cat reached viral success with her song "Mooo" which still slaps. Now she's taking on our favorite 90s twins with "Tia Tamera" a song with an equally colorful video paying homage to our childhood.

The song features Rico Nasty who still is riding off the high of her NASTY mixtape. Seriously these two women are killing the game right now.

Doja Cat told Highsnobiety, "I always liked to be liberated by music from anyone. I love the feeling of the self-esteem boost that you get from music or the emotional thing. I don’t like to make sad music. Sometimes sad and emotional music makes you happy and sad at the same time. I love that whole effect and I do want to achieve that, but for the most part I really just like to make people feel good. I just want to make feel-good music. That’s all that I care about. It’s just making people want to dance, you know or show the song to their friend. That’s all I care about."

bulow has been on everyone's radar since her release of "Not A Love Song" last year. Her sweet voice and dark lyrics make her a standout. Her new song "Sweet Little Lies" is no exception. It feels like she's whispering to you the entire time. On Instagram she told fans, "This song is just the beginning to a year full of music." We sure hope so because this is the kind of vibe we dig.

She told us in our last interview, "I feed off the energy from other creatives, so being in the studio is paradise when it comes to writing and visualizing where I want to take it. Your own perspective is precious, but also has its restrictions.

I remember watching Sizzy perform this song in Dallas years ago and there wasn't a dry eye in the audience. She is truly such a poet and this song brings back too many memories of toxic lovers.

On Instagram she said, "I feel like I’m floating on a cloud. this is only the beginning of a brand new, punk as fuck era. this is THE REAL SIZZY, bleeding all over the piano."