New Music Friday: January 11 2019

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Jerry Williams has the most angelic voice and her new song "David at the bar" is so pure.

David at the bar/You made me cry,” she sings in her pellucid voice. “You can have a good life too/Just don’t do what you do.”

It’s one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written,” Williams reveals. “I just felt this weird, bizarre connection to this man. He said “If you write a song about me I promise I’ll give up drink” and I said “You should give up drink anyway, but I will”. The next day this song was written, I haven’t found him to tell him but I would love to find him. His name is David and I literally just met him at a bar, and that’s what this song is about.” She concludes.

Ella Vos’ new EP Watch and Wait is due January 25. The EP is Vos’ first new project since her critically acclaimed debut album, Words I Never Said

Of the new song Ella says, “I wrote ‘Ocean’ about accepting where you’re at in life. Cancer forced me to readjust my expectations and find freedom in letting them go. This video is about moving through that space and exploring what that feels like. For me, it feels like that childlike freedom of riding on a bike or exploring a forest.”

Leading single ‘Yesterday’ features ethereal dreamlike soundscapes, infectious lyrics and textured vocal arrangements which highlight Shay’s stunning vocal abilities.

Thematically the indie pop song narrates the story of getting over a relationship that never became what you wanted it to be, falling for someone that you know never wanted anything serious. ‘Whole of Me’ explains the same story but from a different perspective. With melancholy melodies and raw, heartfelt lyricism the single is about coming to the realization that a relationship isn’t what you thought it was, despite still having strong feelings. 

Cub Sport is bringing us new dreamy sounds with their new song "Party Pill." 

Tim Nelson exclusively shared with MTV’s TRL, “Bolan and I first fell in love when we were 17 but I was super scared of what would happen if I came out and decided it’d be better for us to just be friends. This part of our story had been weighing on my heart for a long time and I’d held onto a lot of shame and embarrassment, but I realized last year that I needed to let go. So, I finally turned the pain of those years into something beautiful and it feels like I’m setting myself free. Love is stronger than fear. When you live in love, there’s a lightness that follows.”

The lyrics say it all, "Remember driving Stafford Rd/A message popped up on my phone/ Said he thinks he likes me and my world stood still/ And my eyes grew wider than a party pill"

We're suckers for new LEON and now she's teamed up with Grey for this gorgeous new song.

LÉON explains: “I’m so happy that this song is finally out in the world! Working with Kyle and Michael on this one has been so fun and special, and I’m really proud of being a part of it. Ever since I recorded it with them I’ve been looking forward to you guys hearing it. Hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do.” “Want You Back,” Michael (one half of Grey) sums up, “really shows the scope of our sound for the first time. We were listening to LÉON a lot and thought she would fit perfectly. She ultimately did. Musically, we want to bring something weird and unique to pop. This song does that. It allfelt meant to be.”

I love Broods and the new sound they're taking on with these last few releases.

Their latest "Hospitalized" is an infectious pop song about wanting to be hospitalized and kept away.

Georgia Nott said, “We were all talking about who had broken a bone, and I was saying how I’d never broken anything but kind of wanted to, just to see how it feels. That turned into this idea of wanting to get hurt so you can have something to blame your self-pity on. Like, ‘I’m sad—but I’ve got a reason, I promise!’.”

Betty Who just makes me smile.

Her new song has all the elements of a Betty Who song that I love, a sparkling chorus, her sweet voice, and that one killer line I can't get out of our head: I don't want perfect I want you.

She told Rolling Stone: It’s such a representation of the album and my obsession with making music that makes people feel good,” Who said about the upbeat song in a statement. “The whole point of the song is about letting go of how hard life (and especially love) can be at times and remembering why you do it in the first place.  Love is never going to be perfect. Sometimes it will be easy, most times it will be hard, but all the time it’s worth it because, when you’re with the right person, you are willing to work for it.

Jaira Burns is such a pop queen I'm so stoked she's releasing new music.

Her latest, "Numb" explores the all-to-real feeling of wanting to numb your brain and feelings after heartbreak.

She sings, "Oh, I've been drinking for reasons other than fun
And I'm feeling numb."

Jaira truly makes the most sparkling pop songs with those honest undertones that we can't get enough of.

Crimson Apple's song "Can't Get Out of Bed" IS SO DAMN CATCHY and we've honestly been sleeping on it a little, sorry we do it too.

The group is comprised of four sisters, Colby (lead vocals), Shelby (guitar), Faith (drums), and Carthi (bass) and together they make effortless pop music. Despite the sparkling sounds, the song has a darker message.

Colby told Refinery 29, "The song is based on my personal experience with depression and that was something I never really talked to my family about before. I had a hard time expressing it. So this song was my way of explaining it to them."