New Music Friday: January 18 2019

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Wow, Ariana is coming for us in 2019. Right off the insane success of "Thank u, next" she dropped this masterpiece.

Also she's been dropping hints all over social media for this. "I want it, I got it" she repeats. "You like my hair, gee thanks, just bought it." (me cruising for new extensions as I listen). Ariana is flexing some rap in this track which works well with her light vocals. Ariana is never playing the victim, she's a powerhouse and clearly one of the biggest stars this year.

X. ARI makes bold pop with catchy choruses and honest lyrics. Her latest "Break-Point" talks about a difficult subject.

She explains, "It’s about PTSD & the spiraling down that happens right before you lose yourself."

The song is especially relatable and shows that darker side that we love about X. ARI.

L.A. songwriter Peter Verdell wants to play power chords. And sing with some fuzz on his vocals. And make music that both his modern brain and his teenage brain would be fucking psyched to hear on the radio. That’s the inspiration behind his new band Forever X2, who’s debut 6-song EP is what you might get if you crossed Blur with Beck and added a dose of millennialism.

Verdell wrote all the songs in his apartment in downtown Los Angeles and recorded them in a hot, non-ac’d garage in Silverlake with producers Ari Berl and Yianni AP. Verdell played all the drums, guitars, keys, and vocals, and says about the process, “I wanted the songs to capture how I felt when I first started playing music. Informal and fresh, sweaty and loud.” 

Maggie Rogers can do no wrong. Her dreamy voice first broke through on "Alaska" and she is such a force. Her album, Heard It In A Past Life shows her ability to be vulnerable and connect with those tiny heartbreaks that we feel daily.

The album has her past releases "Give A Little," "Fallingwater," "Light On" and more but we're drawn to "Burning" today.

There's not a single throwaway track on the album so do a deep dive.

We LOVE KOPPS! SO we'red stoked they dropped "Virtual Reality" a self aware track that questions IRL relationships in the 21st century as well as taking internet stalking to a new and sometimes frightening level, and is set to a dance-worthy beat. 

IF you don't know KOPPS, they describe themselves as a mix of Britney Spears KoЯn. Anchored by Patricia Patrón's sultry vocals, the band has a knack for pop sensibility that they immediately flip on its head, evoking a titillating mix of electro, pop and nu metal.  Or as they like to call it: CrazySexyCreepy. We're into it. 

LOVA shares a new single entitled “My Name Isn’t” today. The 20-year-old pop singer and songwriter pulls no punches with this empowering female declaration of independence. Over a backdrop of handclaps, echoing guitars, organic percussion, and warbled samples, she announces, “My name isn’t ‘Baby,’ you cannot say whatever you feel like…I am not the things you call me.”

Within this catchy chant, she encodes an empowering message and a call-to-arms.

LOVA comments, “It’s nothing new that we women are tired—tired of living in the background of men, tired of having to raise our voices to be heard, tired of feeling afraid late at night, and tired of always adjusting for men who cannot keep their hands and mouths under control.”

Her delivery gets even louder, and the lyrics cut even deeper on her forthcoming new EP.

She adds, “It’s a voice for all the strong but incredibly tired women, a call for the world’s attention and a call to all men”.

Does anyone make dreamier music than Cub Sport? I don't think so. They just shared their self-titled third album. We love "Video" featuring our other Aussie fav Mallrat.

Tim Nelson talks about the inspiration: 

“This record lays me bare but I can’t wait to share it because I truly believe it’s going to take you somewhere else. The past 12 months has felt like the most transformative year of my life and I’ve been fortunate enough to have many of you as a part of the journey. This album captures everything you saw happening as well as everything else that was happening that you couldn’t see. 2018 hasn’t been an easy year but I’ve grown so much, learned so much and loved so much. This album is about facing inner fears, living your truth, harnessing your power, being yourself, believing in yourself, loving yourself and healing yourself. “Cub Sport” by Cub Sport has grown from love, self-belief and never giving up. This record has completely opened me up to the universe around me and within me, something I hope it will do for you too.”

Our dreamy angel Ella Vos just dropped her new song “Temporary." The song is taken from Vos’ forthcoming EP, Watch and Wait, due January 25.

“‘It’s only temporary’ is what everyone would say to console me about my cancer diagnosis,” says Vos. “It’s what I wanted to hear and it’s what I’d tell myself, whether I believed it or not. I used to think of it as a meaningless phrase, because no one really knows how long anything is going to last, be it happiness or sadness, good health or bad. In those moments, my entire life felt like it was on hold, bound by the unknown. Nothing about it felt “temporary.” But over time, I started to see things differently, and saw that what I was going through was just temporary I just had to look at things under a different light.”