New Music Friday: June 13 2019

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I fell in love with Montaigne's powerful song "Til It Kills Me" and I'm beyond excited to hear more.

"Ready" is undoubtedly Montaigne's most anthemic single to date, a heartfelt call to arms, and a soundtrack for activism. There's an undeniable element of pop to this song as Montaigne's soaring vocals elevate the chorus, and the irresistible hook "I think I’m ready to go, I think I’m ready," cycles like a mantra around shifting drumbeats. However, like all of Montaigne's music, there is a deeper element, a considered purpose for this song. She explains, "To me the song is about this political moment, where humanity is starting to realize how actually cooked this planet is, that it never had to be like this, and that we have the power now to overthrow those who’ve forced us into this corner. It's music that I'm proud of representing, because I think that it reflects the feelings swirling around the current political shitfest my generation is facing, and it attempts to transform the anxiety amongst those feelings into angry power. It's like a fuel source."

BANKS IS ALWAYS WELCOME HERE. Sorry, y'all know my BANKS obsession.

The singer told Rolling Stone, “The song is about love. About falling in love, being in love and how you feel when you’re high on love. Vibrant, scared, on fire, excited, and all the goodness in between.”

She further describes the album saying, “Romanticism leads to fierce reality checks, which leads to wisdom, which leads to deeper empathy which leads to greater love. This album documents the cycle.”

I will tell you some hard facts right now. NO ONE IS BOTH SUPPORTING AND CHALLENGING POP MORE THAN CHARLI XCX. Okay, good. Charli XCX has been propelling upcoming pop artists into the mainstream and we are all paying attention. She doesn't just collab with the already-famous, she uses her influence to introduce everyone to the next big thing. Of course, BTS has an insane following but the collab between the two just solidifies her reign as the actual pop queen.

Let's close with some romance shall we? We love FINNEAS and his golorgeous voice. "Angel" is everything you want in a love song and nothing you don't.

FINNEAS reveals, “I wrote ‘Angel’ backstage on tour with my sister back in November. I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down at a piano and wrote the whole thing in an hour and played it for the first time that night. Love has always been the most important thing to me and the thing by which my life is guided. Falling in love with someone and feeling so in awe of them that you wonder if they’re even real is what I wanted to say with this one.”

Northern National never disappoints.

They said, "We’ve been sitting on this one for a while and as you listen, just know that when this song was finished we drove around Austin with our windows rolled down belting this at the top of our lungs. Abby even recorded the 'heys' with us in the studio. To be frank we had someone in the industry tell us that those same 'heys' ruined the song and it wasn’t anything special. They can politely fuck off. This song means the world to us and we put our heart and soul into it. "

Something we all need to put on our life playlists.

Your Smith says, "'The Wild Woman belongs to you. She belongs to all women' - Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés . Wild Wild Woman is officially out on all platforms ! I wrote it to call on Wild Woman. It worked. So sing it if you need to find the Wild Woman in you. She’s there screaming inside of you... probably about abortion rights and racist presidents and the beauty industry. "

Stephen Puth's "Look Away" is definitely a summer song.

Stephen co-wrote the track with his brother Charlie.  He says, "’Look Away’ is about that moment leading up to the end of a relationship. When I wrote this song with Charlie, we wanted to talk about something universal that almost everybody goes through in a breakup. Reflecting on our own, we came to realize that before any break-up, there is that fight that ends in silence."

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