New Music Friday: March 29 2019

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

IT'S FINALLY HERE! WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? comprises of fourteen tracks that materialize as ghostly genre-less pop projections of life’s firsts for the multi-platinum songstress as she ruminates on her first brushes with loss and love amidst the monsters under her bed and the triumphs at her feet.

 “Nobody knows what the fuck dreams are, dude,” she exclaims. “You can’t give me a good enough answer as to what dreams are. Nobody can. Dreams are a big thing in my life though. They’ve always really occupied me. It’s all in the music.” One daydream manifested to set the stage for such provocation. Within three years since her 2015 debut, Billie quietly, yet unapologetically infiltrated the forefront of pop. Along the way, she and her chief collaborator, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and big brother Finneas O’Connell crafted what would become WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO? Keeping the creativity in-house, literally, they retreated back to Billie’s childhood home. Once again, they worked in Finneas’ bedroom—two feet from Billie’s room—where the songs not only came to life, but also all of the dreams. “There were a lot of opportunities and things I said, ‘No to,” she grins. “We had to do this album our way. I realized how lucky I am to have my brother in this. If I didn’t have him, I would have to figure out what the hell I was doing without someone else there with me!”

"I want people to listen,” she leaves off. “I want to be heard, and I want people to feel heard. Nothing on this album sounds the same, but it all adds up to a whole. Since I first started doing music, my life has changed a lot. One thing that hasn’t changed in my music is that I still just do me.”

Gabrielle Aplin is back with a shimmering synth-pop song titled, "Nothing Really Matters" featuring her charming vocals.

She told Wonderland, “Nothing Really Matters is about the battle between the excitement of wanting to open up, and the fear of opening up,” explains Aplin. “I was having one of those days where I questioned the validity and importance of everything around me, and how much time, energy and thought I gave to things that really, didn’t matter. It’s about focusing on what’s really important to you. I wanted to push myself vocally, challenge the way I think about structure in a song, experiment with how I say what I need to say lyrically, whilst still focusing on what it is that makes me the artist I am. This song has really pushed me and surprised me and I’m so excited to release it into the world!”

Today, she returns with "Shouting Matches", the title track from her forthcoming EP due for release May 3. The song opens with folk-twinged riffs set against a haunting soundscape and building drums, and sees Taylor explore her struggles with mental health and how that affects her as an artist.

She explains, "This song is about being a little too attached to my sadness. I think sometimes when I’m so used to feeling a certain way and turning it into art or something useful, I start to feel a little trapped inside of it. It’s almost like I don’t know who I am outside of my feelings. This song is just me shifting through that, and trying to find a balance."

We love Micky James and his gritty glam-rock songs. His latest, "Walk The Line" is an anthem for all the misfits in the world, encouraging each and everyone of them to live boldly and unleash their inner star power.

Featuring gritty powerhouse vocals, driving rhythms, the single is an incredibly infectious ear worm. He says, ""I wanted to take pieces of nostalgia and give it a contemporary twist." 

I am VERY excited for new Sky Ferreria and I'm digging the moodinss going on here.

The track is produced by Sky Ferreira and Dean Hurley with co-production by Jorge Elbrecht. “Downhill Lullaby” is the first taste of her upcoming album, Masochism, out later this year, and was recorded in and arranged in Los Angeles and Copenhagen.

The lush track clocks in at nearly six minutes and features spiraling strings, a stripped-down drum beat, and a detuned guitar riff. As the song builds to its conclusion, Sky addresses her subject with a tinge of retribution: “I know that you are / Going downhill soon.”

Jena Rose just keeps getting better. Her new song "Manners" is about being with someone who doesn't just treat her well, but everyone else too. A message that we can totally get behind. Her voice is do distinctive and the catchy chorus truly makes it memorable.

We've followed Jena Rose's career for a long time and it's always refreshing to hear how far she's come in her musical journey. She's opened for Why Don't We and Echosmith and her kindness really comes across in her performances and her message. It's clear she's headed for big things.

EBEN continues to make songs that are just so catchy we can't stop listening. His latest "Nights Like This" is upbeat and positive and is about living life to the fullest and taking advantage of every moment.

He sings, "Tomorrow. It ain't ever promised. So we live for these moments. That always make me. Wish for more nights like this. So baby. Don't you ever worry 'bout a thing baby."

Catch EBEN on his US Tour with Why Don't We - full dates here

Aly & AJ have always had a special place in our hearts and their new song "Church" shows their growth as musicians.

“I do bad things for the sake of good times I don’t regret / Call me what you will, I’m in it for the thrill, I’m just selfish / I need redemption," the sisters harmonize over a starry synth and electronic textures, producing a resounding strength from the two who are not afraid to let their voices and stories be heard on the lead single "Church" from their forthcoming 5-track EP Sanctuary. 

The newest effort sees the two touch on themes that push the boundaries of pop, moving past break-ups and focusing on stories of identity, self-reflection and social consciousness. “Music has been like therapy for us, and we wanted to let our fans know that we’re not just going to write music that deals with relationships. It is our duty to write some songs that we felt were socially conscious,” Aly adds.

Independent alt-pop band THE WLDLFE release the new single "The Other Side"; their first new music since the debut full-length album I'm Not Worried Anymore which came out at the end of last summer. "The Other Side" was mixed by Mike Malchicoff, who has produced for King Princess, and lyrically the track takes a look at managing expectations versus reality in the creative industry.

"Everyone chases after things because of their superficial value but realize after the fact that what they were after was not all it seemed to be," shares lead vocalist Jansen Hogan. "I wanted to write a song that embodied that idea because as an artist my self doubts can be a daily struggle. The lightness of the verses represent the initial naiveté of chasing an obsession, while the chorus and hook create a sense of regret from the realization that the chase cost me more than I was willing to give up."

New Video Alert: AlunaGeorge's stunning visual for "Cold Blooded"

In brief I was exploring the notion of the ‘one night stand’ being an opportunity for liberation as opposed to the traditional idea of it being a shallow, drunken mistake. I wondered what it would be like if you decided, because you were never going to see that person again, to just be you’re most natural self without the mask of who we often pretend to be and the investment we have in showing our ‘best,’ ‘hottest’ selves to a potential partner in a relationship. The significance of the one night stand was being an opportunity and catalyst for change in oneself. What would that look like?”

New Video Alert: filous and Louis III "All My Friends Are Rich"

filous shared, “One day I was in LA at a private party and one moment I realized how absurd it was that I, this random kid from Austria was now sitting in a villa in the Hills, kind of pretending to be part of the scene. Right then I opened up my notes and wrote down ‘All My Friends Are Rich’. Skip to a year later where I met Louis III through a mutual friend. We got chatting about how fun but also weird and confusing the music world can be and then I brought up the idea of writing a song with an ironic over the top twist about intruding in the rich man’s world. Later that day we met with klei and Sebastian Arman, both amazingly talented friends of mine and wrote the song together.”

Louis III adds, “I was basically a filous fan-girl before I came to Vienna last year to hang out and work on some music together. When I first heard his feel-good, nostalgic sound I had a feeling we could write something cool together, and ‘All My Friends are Rich’ came off the back of us walking around the city joking about the kind of person you could imagine going to ‘fyre’ festival and what it must cost to keep up those kind of appearances.”